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Dec 11, 2023

A Detailed Guide On Tatkaal Passport – Eligibility, Process, & Fees

Having a passport is one of the key requirements to fulfil if you want to travel out of the country. Only after you have your passport in place, you may be able to proceed with booking tickets, travel insurance, getting a visa, and making an itinerary for your travel. However, to ensure that you have enough time to get all this done, one must ensure that passport applications are done well in advance. This is mainly because regular passport applications may take time. So, what do you do when you want to expedite your passport application and ensure that your document is issued on time? The official way to get a passport when you need it urgently is to apply for a Tatkaal Passport with the passport office. What is this passport? What are the requirements to apply for the same? How long does it take to be issued a Tatkaal Passport? Let’s look at the details of Tatkaal Passport applications in India.

What is a Tatkaal Passport?

In India, a Tatkaal Passport is an expedited passport issuance service provided by the Passport Office under the Ministry of External Affairs for individuals who require urgent passport processing. Designed to meet the needs of those facing unexpected travel or emergency situations, the Tatkaal scheme ensures faster passport issuance compared to the regular process. Applicants opting for Tatkaal passports typically receive their passports within a shorter timeframe. However, it's essential to note that certain conditions and documentation requirements apply. While Tatkaal Passport expedites the process, applicants must still adhere to the specified guidelines to obtain this travel document swiftly.

Common Questions About Tatkaal Passport Application

Let’s take a look at some of the common questions concerning Tatkaal Passport and its application process in India.
  1. Who can apply for a Tatkaal Passport?

Individuals of both age groups, over 18 years and below 18 years, can apply for a Tatkaal Passport. Those over 18 need to submit any three specified documents, while applicants below 18 must provide any two documents from the List of Acceptable Documents for Tatkaal Passport issuance.
  1. How to apply for a Tatkaal Passport?

Applicants can obtain a Tatkaal Passport without a Verification Certificate from a Gazetted Officer. The application process involves submitting the required documents, with different criteria for adults and minors, and can be initiated online.
  1. How much do you have to pay for a Tatkaal Passport?

The fee details for a Tatkaal Passport can be obtained by clicking on the "Fee Calculator" link on the official passport website.
  1. How much time does a Tatkaal Passport application take?

After the successful submission of the application with the final status as "Granted," the Tatkaal Passport is dispatched on the third working day, excluding the application date. Notably, this process does not require waiting for the Police Verification Report.
  1. Who is not allowed to apply for a Tatkaal Passport?

While the final authority for Tatkaal Passport issuance lies with the passport office, there is a list of applicants who cannot apply under the Tatkaal scheme. To check this list, applicants should refer to the instruction booklet available for download on the official website.
  1. What quota should I book my Tatkaal Passport appointment under?

Two appointment quotas, 'Normal' and 'Tatkaal,' are available for Tatkaal Passport applications. Tatkaal applicants who cannot secure an early appointment under the Tatkaal quota may opt for the Normal quota. However, it's important to note that the Tatkaal fee is applicable regardless of the chosen appointment quota. This dual-quota system ensures faster processing and dispatch of Tatkaal passports within 1-3 days of the applicant's visit to the Passport Seva Kendra.

When Travelling Abroad

Getting your Tatkaal Passport is only the start of your preparation for your travel abroad. You will need to book tickets and get the right visa as well. Moreover, if you are travelling to one of the countries where travel insurance is a requirement, you will have to get that as well. Even where it is a requirement, having International travel insurance when taking a trip abroad is advisable. It allows you to stay better prepared to face any emergency situations when you are outside. There are multiple types of travel plans you can choose from, so ensure that you are selecting one that suits you best. It is also important to choose a reputed general insurance provider with a high claim settlement ratio, so you may have a better chance of claim settlement.* Once you have your travel plan, visa, tickets, and passport ready, you can embark on your international trip. To avoid hassles, ensure that you plan well in advance when you have the option to do so.   * Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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