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ECNR Passport
Nov 14, 2023

ECNR in Passport: A Comprehensive Guide with Benefits and How to Apply

In recent years, travelling around the world has become easier. This is evident due to the rise in the number of travellers visiting conventional destinations such as Europe and America, as well as newer destinations such as Vietnam and South America. When you travel abroad, among the documents which you should carry along with your travel insurance, your passport is the most important. There are various criteria which an applicant needs to meet before their passport can be issued. Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR) is one such criteria. It is a significant endorsement on passports that exempts individuals like you from undergoing the emigration-check process when traveling abroad for employment or certain other purposes. Let’s get a better understanding of ECNR in passports, its requirements, benefits, and the process to obtain it.

What Is ECNR?

ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) is an endorsement made on passports to indicate that the passport holder is exempt from emigration checks conducted by immigration authorities. It signifies that the individual has met specific criteria and is permitted to travel without obtaining clearance each time they embark on an overseas journey for employment or certain other purposes.

Eligibility Criteria For ECNR

The following list of people are eligible to apply for an ECNR passport:
  1. Individuals holding diplomatic passports or government officials holding official passports
  2. Individuals who are gazetted government officers, their partners, and children if any,
  3. Individuals who pay taxes, their partners, and children if any
  4. Individuals who are graduates or diploma holders from recognised polytechnics
  5. Individuals who have completed their matriculation (10th and 12th)
  6. Seafarers holding a continuous discharge certificate (CDC), sea or deck cadets
  7. Individuals who hold permanent residential or immigration visas for the USA, the UK, and Australia
  8. Individuals who hold a vocational diploma (2/3 years) from an institute recognised by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) or State Council for Vocational Training (SCVT)
  9. Nurses holding a diploma recognised under the Indian Nursing Council Act of 1947
  10. Individuals who are above the age of 50 years
  11. Individuals who have spent a duration of 3 years or more abroad
  12. Minors who are 18 years old or below

Countries Where ECNR Passport Is Required

The following countries require passengers from other countries to have an ECNR passport to be able to enter the country:
  1. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  2. Jordan
  3. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  4. Qatar
  5. Iraq
  6. Indonesia
  7. Bahrain
  8. Malaysia
  9. Lebanon
  10. Sudan
  11. Yemen
  12. Brunei
  13. Afghanistan
  14. Kuwait
  15. Syria
  16. Libya
  17. Thailand
  18. Oman

How To Apply For An ECNR Passport?

If you are applying for a fresh ECNR passport, you can do it both online and offline: The online process is as follows:
  1. Visit the Passport website and login
  2. Apply for a fresh passport and fill up the application form
  3. While providing all the details, select the ECNR option
  4. Before submitting your application, you are required to upload documents, a list of which will be available on the website
  5. After you submit the form, pay the fees and schedule an appointment
  6. Provide your original documents along with attested photocopies of the documents for verification
  7. After the verification process is complete, your passport will be issued to you
The offline process is also similar to the online process, with the difference being that you have to collect the application form from the nearest Passport Seva Kendra and fill it up manually. Just like how travel insurance for Schengen visa requires renewal, so does your passport after every 10 years. If you already have an ECNR passport you wish to renew, the online and offline process is similar to the process of applying for a fresh passport. You need to carry your original passport with you as it is required by the authorities. If you wish to check whether your passport still has the ECNR status, do the following:
  1. Fill up form EAP-2
  2. Provide documents such as your original passport, proof of address, and documents pertaining to your eligibility for ECNR
  3. When submitting photocopies of the documents, you need to provide copies of the first four and last four pages of the original passport
  4. The charges to check the status are ₹300, which you will need to pay

How To Remove ECR Stamp?

If your current passport has the ECR stamp on it, and you wish to remove it, do the following:
  1. Visit the passport website, where you will need to download the form for reissuing the passport
  2. On the form, you need to select the ECR removal option
  3. To prove that you are eligible for ECNR, you need to provide documents related to your matriculation or graduation
  4. Provide documents for proof of address along with the date of birth
  5. After you pay the fees and schedule your appointment, go to your nearest Passport Seva Kendra
  6. You need to carry your original passport along with photocopies of its first four and last four pages


Obtaining ECNR in passports is a significant endorsement that simplifies international travel for individuals seeking employment opportunities abroad. Understanding the requirements and benefits of ECNR, and following the appropriate application process, ensures a smooth and efficient experience. By obtaining an ECNR endorsement, individuals can enjoy hassle-free travel, increased employment prospects, and extended passport validity. Accompany your passport with a travel plan, for which you can take the assistance of travel insurance premium calculator. The calculator helps you in selecting the policy of your liking based on the quote presented.   *Standard T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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