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Travel Insurance Myths
May 9, 2021

Top 5 Travel Insurance Myths You Must Stop Believing

You are excited about going on a holiday and you’ve made all necessary arrangements. Your friend suggests, “Surely buy the best travel insurance policy, just in case you face challenges while you travel”. You retort, “What can happen to me while I am travelling? I don’t think I need a travel insurance at all”. He explains to you why you need to invest in the best travel insurance policy and debunks the myths you have about travel insurance.

Myth One: What Can Happen to Me?

You’ve travelled a couple of times and you’ve never faced any problem while you travelled. But, unforeseen events obviously don’t come with prior signals. Anything can happen while you travel. You can lose your baggage, your flight may get cancelled or delayed and you can get stranded at the airport for a day. A travel insurance policy will take care of any of these minor or major challenges.

Myth Two: Why Spend an Additional Amount as I Have Other Covers?

You might also feel you are already covered through health insurance, homeowners insurance or credit cards. Actually, they might not fully cover you in case of emergency while travelling, nor do they reimburse the travel costs if unfortunately you have to cancel your trip. These type of insurances might not come to your rescue when you need help while travelling abroad.

Myth Three: I Don’t Go on Adventure Trips, So Why Do I Need the Best Travel Insurance?

Well, it’s true that adventurous travellers are typically exposed to higher risks and emergency situations. But, even if you don’t plan to get bold and adventurous this holiday, it’s possible you might face minor bumps and major derailment in your plans. These events could create a dent in your pocket and leave you totally messed up in a situation you have never dreamt of. Thus, it’s a myth that travel insurance is only for people who want to challenge their limits and set on adventurous trips.

Myth Four: I am Not Travelling Abroad, So Why Buy Travel Insurance?

It isn’t necessary that travel insurance is needed only if you travel abroad. Even while you plan on a domestic holiday, travel insurance comes handy. Most of the challenges that you face while you set on a domestic trip are quite similar to ones you might face while you are on an international trip. Visit our domestic travel insurance to know key advantages of the policy.

Myth Five: I Can Take Care of Medical Expenses Out of my pocket

If you fall sick on a trip and have to bear the medical costs by yourself, they can be considerably high. The best travel health insurance is the one which covers you for medical costs that you might incur during the holiday; it may be an accident or illness.

Policies of various companies differ, but on a broad spectrum they cover hospital treatment and emergency repatriation.

It is imperative for a traveller to invest in the best travel insurance  instead of repenting later in the advent of an emergency. Leave your comments and let us know what more you would like to know about travel insurance. Be aware, travel safe!

Image Credits: Stuart Miles on Freedigitalphotos.net

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