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Travel insurance extension simplified
MAR 22, 2019

How To Extend Your Travel Insurance Policy?

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

Picture this, you are enjoying your vacation to one of the most exotic places. You had planned the trip for 4 days, but, the scenic beauty of the place has captivated you so strongly that you plan to extend your vacation for another 3 days and then call it a week.

To enjoy the extra 3 days, you will need to arrange for hotel accommodation, new return tickets and also extend your travel insurance. Yes! You need to update your travel insurance plan, if your travel plan gets changed. This is a necessary step because your extended travel insurance can cover you for your extended trip.

So, how can you extend your travel insurance policy?

If you have a Bajaj Allianz's travel insurance policy, then you can extend your policy in the following two scenarios:

  • Pre policy expiration - If the request to extend your travel insurance plan is made before the expiry of your policy, then it is pre policy expiration extension. All you need to do is:
    • Contact Bajaj Allianz team to inform about your trip extension.
    • You will have to fill up the 'Good Health Form' and submit it to us.
    • Your case is then referred to underwriters, who will evaluate the same and help you with your requirement.
  • Post policy expiration - If for some reason, your travel plans change after the expiry of your travel insurance policy, then the extension of this policy is called post policy expiration. you need to:
    • Contact Bajaj Allianz General Insurance team and inform about your trip extension along with the reason for extension.
    • Your case will be referred to underwriters, who will evaluate the same and do the needful.

Having travel insurance is essential for long as well as short trips. So, always buy travel insurance online or offline depending upon your convenience. And also make sure to extend your travel insurance policy if your trip gets delayed.

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