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hiring a nurse
Jan 5, 2023

Hiring a Nurse: The Benefits of Professional Care for Your Loved One

The day is crystallized in my head. My mother went to the doctor with me; she had some complain about her immunity. The doctor had got her blood tested a few weeks ago and had told us that she had a cancerous tumour in her intestine. For an entire day, my brain did not function. She took the news like it was an update on her high sugar. Even the doctor was taken aback by her reaction. None of us had the power to do what she was doing. She was not showing optimism; she was showcasing acceptance of the objective truth. After two years of aggressive chemotherapy and even mastectomies – she got the cancer removed. The team of oncologists was feeling like a champion, when they told me she was fine now. But the doctor who had diagnosed the cancer earlier, told me that such cancers often relapses and we will have to be very careful in providing her a healthy living environment. Over the next year, my business started growing. I started getting clients in Singapore, Malaysia and even North America. I being the sole proprietor, had to be present at every meeting. It meant that at least three weeks in a month – I was on the road. And my mom was at home, all by herself. The thought of leaving her by herself scared me all the time. But her spirit and steady recovery gave me the hope. On one of my tours, I got a call from my neighbour that mom was taken to hospital. She had blacked out in the bathroom. I cancelled all my meetings and took a private jet back to our home. I reached the hospital and the doctors told me, it was just a case of high sugar; nothing major to worry about. But the hours between boarding the flight and seeing her smiling in the hospital bed, were the longest and most excruciating hours of my entire life. I finally decided – I am getting her everything she needs. Read more about: Senior Health Care Rider

The Team

I started with a team of trained nurses. One nurse could’ve done the job; but I was not ready to risk anything. One nurse was working twelve hours a day and the other one, other twelve hours. I also got pharmacy home delivery services, that would come and deliver all her medicines by the end of every Sunday. It did not entirely put me into my comfort zone, but knowing that someone was back there in the house with her all the time – was not less than relief. Read more about: Health Insurance

The Results

All her tests are conducted in time. All her medicines are given in time. She is taken for her scans in time. I get the reports and the updates in time. Frequently, when I give her a video call – I can see her smile in relief, and that is the best feeling in the world. I want to leave everything and be by her side and do all of this by myself. But she keeps telling me that her biggest prize is my success. Dad left us when we were very young and since then, mom and I have formed this small family. Now, the two trained nurses are also a part of it. I don’t know if you can afford having fulltime staff to support your parents’ medical needs. All I will say is, even if I were not in an economic situation to have been able to afford all of this – I still would’ve done all I am doing right now, because the smile on her healthy face is worth all of it. Read more about: Senior Citizen Health Insurance

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