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How to Drive Like a Pro on Slopes: Tips and Tricks
Dec 1, 2023

Driving on Slopes: How to Become a Pro

Many experienced drivers make driving on slopes look quite effortless. However, for people who have seldom driven on slopes before, it can pose somewhat of a challenge. So, how to drive on slopes, especially if you have no experience with doing so? Whether you may be driving an automatic transmission car or one with a manual gearbox, manoeuvring slopes can be slightly tricky. You may also experience similar struggles with a two-wheeler, but learning to handle them on slopes may be relatively easier. Let’s take a look at how to handle cars on slopes without losing control and learn a few tips and tricks that may prove to be helpful in slippery situations.

How To Drive Like A Pro On Slopes

You may encounter slopes anywhere you take your car. It is essential to understand how to navigate them successfully, without letting your car slide off the slope or let it come to a sudden halt. One faces different challenges when going up a slope than when coming downhill. When going uphill, one has to ensure that they are driving at a steady speed. If your car is equipped with additional features to help you with driving on slopes, you may have less to worry about. However, if that is not the case, here are a few tips to remember when driving upwards on a slope.
  1. If using a manual transmission vehicle, it is best to drive on the first gear, especially if the slope is steep. Maintain a steady speed.
  2. If you find yourself stuck on a slope and want to resume your uphill journey, the way you regularly manoeuvre the clutch, brake, and accelerator may not work. Start your car with your feet on the clutch and brake. Slowly start to release the foot on the clutch while the other foot is firmly placed on the brake. Once the clutch is released halfway, shift your right foot quickly from the brake to the accelerator. This will set the vehicle in motion; you can release the clutch foot and stay steady on the accelerator. The vehicle ought to be in first gear throughout this process.
  3. Another technique, one that may alleviate the possible damage to your clutch plate and engine, is using the handbrake. In this case, engage the handbrake when the car is in neutral. Push down on the accelerator gradually and press the handbrake button without letting go of the handbrake completely.
  4. For automatic transmission cars, the gears will shift as needed. Ensure that you are keeping a steady pace uphill.
When driving downhill, the challenge is to not let the car roll out of control. Here are a few things to remember when driving down a slope.
  1. Stay on lower gears. This may help keep the speed in check.
  2. Engage the handbrake when necessary but avoid abrupt braking.
  3. Avoid driving on neutral.
  4. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of you.
Using these tips, you may be able to navigate slopes better. Most drivers tend to get better with practice.

Important Things To Remember

Before you venture out onto risky terrains or take your car to the hilly side of the city or even over a flyover, you ought to ensure that you are cleared for driving. One should avoid taking control of the steering wheel unless they possess a valid driving licence. In addition to a valid licence, the driver or the owner of the car should also ensure that all vehicle-related documents are in order. You ought to carry these with you when taking the car out on the road. This includes the registration certificate, insurance policy, pollution under check certificate, and any other permits that may be relevant. It is best to check the traffic department guidelines to get clarity on the same. From among these documents, the PUC certificate and the insurance policy tend to be valid for a limited duration. They need to be renewed close to expiry. To renew your PUC certificate, you could visit your local PUC centre. They will check your vehicle for pollution levels before you are granted a renewal. On the other hand, you can choose to renew your car insurance online or offline. When you buy car insurance online , the policy is delivered to you via email, or you may be able to download it from the insurer’s website. Besides the mandatory third-party insurance policy for your car, you will also need to be in possession of the compulsory PA cover for the owner and driver.* Once you have your documents in order and are confident about dealing with challenges like slopes, you can drive to explore new destinations with friends and family, or even venture on a solo road trip. Be cautious on unfamiliar roads and prioritise safety.   * Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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