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RTO in Lucknow: All about RTO Offices in Lucknow
May 28, 2023

RTO In Lucknow: All About RTO Offices In Lucknow

Lucknow is a city located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow is the largest city in the state while also being the second most populous city in the country. The rapid infrastructural and industrial development of Lucknow has transformed the city into a metropolis. With a growing population, increase in the number of industries, and an ever-expanding road network, the road traffic needs to be regulated thoroughly for a smooth flow without any major mishaps. This is carried out by the RTO office in Lucknow. Let’s understand more about their role and services.

Lucknow RTO: All You Need To Know

The RTO office in Lucknow operates within the rules established under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It is the governing body implementing the act in the city of Lucknow and is responsible for maintaining road safety. Here are some of the duties performed by the Lucknow RTO:
  1. Implementing the amended rules of Motor Vehicles Act,1988
  2. Establishing road safety on the roads of Lucknow
  3. Imposition and collection of fines from drivers committing violations
  4. Revoking or cancelling licence/registration of drivers with repeated offence
  5. Checking vehicles entering Lucknow from other cities
Here are some of the services provided by the Lucknow RTO:
  1. Issuing and renewing licence
  2. Issuing and renewing vehicle registration certificate
  3. Issuing and renewing vehicle fitness certificate
  4. Issuing and renewing vehicle permit
  5. Collecting road tax
  6. Issuing NOC for vehicles shifting to another city/state

Lucknow RTO: Charges For The Services Provided

Following are the charges for the services provided by the Lucknow RTO:

Fees For Licence

Service Fees (INR)
Grant of Learner’s Licence (LL) (All Vehicles Class) 150
Learner’s Licence Test Fee/Repeat Test Fee 50
Repeat Test Fee (All Vehicles Class) 300
Grant of Driving Licence (DL) 200
Addition of Different Class of Vehicle in the DL 500
Grant of International Driving Permit (IDP)/International DL 1,000
DL Renewal 200
DL Renewal (Post Grace Period) 300 (1,000 for each extra year)
Change in Residential Address in DL/RC 200
Smart Card Fee (DL/RC) 200

Fees For Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Type Fees (INR)
Two-Wheelers 50
Private/Non-Commercial Three-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler/Quadricycle 600
Transport/Commercial Three-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler/Quadricycle 1,000
Imported Motorcycle Registration 2,500
Heavy Goods Vehicle 1,500
Heavy Passenger Vehicle 1,500
Medium Goods Motor Vehicle 1,000
Medium Passenger Vehicle 1,000
Imported Motor Vehicle Registration 5,000
Others 3,000
Grant Duplicate RC 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Grant Ownership Transfer 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Change in Residential Address (RC) 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Changes/Alteration in the RC 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation Two-wheeler - 500
Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation Quadricycle/Four-Wheeler/Three-Wheeler - 1,500
Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation Medium or Heavy Vehicle - 3,000

Fees For Fitness Certificate

Conducting Test for FC (Issue/Renewal) Two-wheelers ‒ 200 (400 for automatic)
Conducting Test for FC (Issue/Renewal) Quadricycle/Three-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler ‒ 400 (600 for automatic)
Conducting Test for FC (Issue/Renewal) Medium/Heavy Vehicle ‒ 600 (1,000 for automatic)
Issue/Renew FC 200 (Additional charge of 50 for each day after the expiry)
Issue/Renew Letter of Authority 15,000
Issue Duplicate Letter of Authority 7,500

Things You Can Do As A Vehicle Owner

To be able to abide with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 in a better manner, you can take the following precautions:
  1. Do not drive your vehicle on roads specifically marked as no-driving roads
  2. Avoid driving your vehicle in the opposite direction on a one-way road, as it is both dangerous and illegal
  3. Do not use your vehicle if your vehicle insurance policy has lapsed. Driving with an expired policy can attract fines and punishment as well
  4. If you have relocated to another city/state, it is mandatory to re-register your vehicle with the respective RTO if your stay has been for more than 12 months
  5. Get your vehicle checked by the authorities after the fitness certificate expires

Lucknow RTO: How To Get In Touch

Here are the contact details for Lucknow RTO:
RTO Code UP-32
Office Address Hind Nagar Colony, Transport Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh ‒ 226012
Helpline Number: 1800-180-0151/0522-2613978
Email ID rtolu-up@nic.in
State Uttar Pradesh
Office Timings 10 AM ‒ 5 PM


With this information, about the duties served and services provided by Lucknow RTO, you can approach the RTO for your specific requirement without any hassles. For example, if you wish to renew your vehicle’s fitness certificate, you can do so if your vehicle is registered with the Lucknow RTO. Do remember that your policy needs to be operational at the time of renewal. If your policy has been lapsed for a while, you can purchase a new policy with the help of a vehicle insurance calculator.   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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