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RTO In Indore: All About RTO Offices In Indore
May 6, 2023

RTO In Indore: All About RTO Offices In Indore

Indore is a city located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. One of the major cities in the state, Indore is a well-known industrial and commercial hub. The city has witnessed rapid infrastructural and industrial development in the last 2-3 decades. This has led to an influx of private and heavy vehicles on the roads of Indore. To maintain road safety as well as implement the rules properly, the RTO in Indore was established. Let’s learn more about it.

Indore RTO: What You Should Know

Established in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the RTO in Indore is the governing authority in terms of road safety and rules and regulations related to vehicles for the city of Indore. There are various duties which the Indore RTO performs. The importance of this RTO has increased due to the increase in the number of vehicles plying in Indore. Now, let us look at the services provided by the Indore RTO.

Indore RTO: Services Provided

If you are a resident of Indore or are planning to shift to the city, the following list of services that the Indore RTO provides can be helpful for you:

1.    Issuing registration certificate

For any newly purchased vehicle in the city of Indore, the vehicle needs to be registered. Without registration, the vehicle cannot be used in the city. The registration can be carried out at the Indore RTO. After the documents are submitted and the fees is paid, the vehicle is registered. If re-registration is required, either due to the age of the vehicle or due to a change in location, the same can be carried out at the Indore RTO.

2.    Issuing permits

Vehicles used for transportation purposes require a permit. Using vehicles without permit for transportation is illegal. If the vehicle’s usage is limited within Indore city or within the state of Madhya Pradesh, a local permit will be issued. For usage beyond state borders, national permit will be issued. This also applies to commercial vehicles, which are used for the transportation of goods and services. The Indore RTO issues both the permits for vehicles registered via them.

3.    Registering diplomatic vehicles

Vehicles used by the consulate offices have a unique registration number plate basis the nature of the vehicle. As the vehicle is used to carry diplomats and foreign nationals associated with the consulate offices, the vehicles used are registered specifically for those purposes only. For consulate offices located in the city of Indore, this service is provided by the Indore RTO. These are the other services which you can avail at the Indore RTO:
  1. The Indore RTO issues driver’s and learner’s licence for vehicle owners whose vehicles are registered at the RTO. People who are 16 years old and above can apply for a learner’s licence for motorcycle with gear and for a car; they can apply for driver’s licence for motorcycle without gear as well as electric bike. Renewal of licence is undertaken as well.
  2. The Indore RTO issues no-objection certificate. An NOC is required if a person is shifting to another city within the state or from one state to another, where they are required to re-register their vehicle. NOC is also required for change in the details of the vehicle owner.
  3. Vehicle inspection and issuing of fitness certificate for vehicles is carried out by the authorities at the Indore RTO. Vehicle insurance is required for issuance of FC. If you do not own a policy, it is important for you to purchase one before you apply for the certificate.
The Indore RTO is responsible for collection of road tax for the cars registered in Indore.

Indore RTO: Fees Chart

Here are the charts of the fees for the different services provided by the Indore RTO:

Licence Charges

Service Type Fees (INR)
Issuing Learner Licence (LL) 150
Issuing Driving Licence (DL) 200
LL Test/Repeat Test Fee 50
Repeat Test Fee 300
Issue of International Driving Permit/International DL 1,000
Addition of Vehicle (Another Class) in the DL 500
Renewal of Driving Licence 200
Renewal of Driving Licence (After Grace Period) 300 (along with Rs. 1,000 for each additional year)
Address Change in DL 200
Smart Card Fee for DL 200

Registration Charges

Type of Vehicle Fees (INR)
Two-wheeler 50
Three-Wheeler/Quadricycle/Four-Wheeler (Private) 600
Three-Wheeler/Quadricycle/Four-Wheeler (Transport/Commercial) 1,000
Imported Motorcycles 2,500
Heavy Passenger Vehicle 1,500
Heavy Goods Vehicle 1,500
Medium Goods Vehicle 1,000
Medium Passenger Motor Vehicle 1,000
Imported Motor Vehicle 5,000
Others 3,000
Duplicate RC 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Ownership Transfer 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Change in Residential Address 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Changes in the RC 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Hypothecation/Lease Two-wheeler: 500
Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Hypothecation/Lease Quadricycle/Four-Wheeler/Three-Wheeler: 1,500
Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Hypothecation/Lease Medium or Heavy Vehicle: 3,000

Fitness Certificate Charges

Service Type Fees (INR)
Conducting Test for Fitness Certificate (Issuing/Renewal) Two-wheeler (manual): 200 Two-wheeler (automatic): 400
Conducting Test for Fitness Certificate (Issuing/Renewal) Quadricycle/Three-Wheeler/LMV (manual): 400 Quadricycle/Three-Wheeler/LMV (automatic): 600
Conducting Test for Fitness Certificate (Issuing/Renewal) Medium/Heavy Vehicle (manual): 600 Medium/Heavy Vehicle (automatic): 1,000
Issuing or Renewal of FC 200 (Additional Rs. 50 for each day after the expiry)
Issuing or Renewal of Letter of Authority 15,000
Issuing of Duplicate Letter of Authority 7,500
  When renewing your vehicle’s fitness certificate, keep your motor insurance policy updated, as it is mandatory to have a valid policy for the renewal of the FC.

Indore RTO: How To Get In Touch

RTO Code MP-09
Office Address Indore RTO Office, Nayta Mundla, Indore, Madhya Pradesh - 452020
Contact Number 0731 – 2363151
Email ID rto.ind@mp.gov.in
Office Timings 10 AM - 5 PM


If you are a resident of Indore, you can take help of the above information and access the service you are looking for at the Indore RTO. As the Indore RTO is in-charge of implementing rules and maintaining road safety, it is important that you abide by it. One example when you have to purchase an insurance policy for your vehicle. If you do not have one, you should purchase to avoid getting penalised. Use the vehicle insurance calculator to get a quote before you purchase the policy. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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