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RTO In Coimbatore: All About RTO Offices In Coimbatore
May 18, 2023

RTO In Coimbatore: All About RTO Offices In Coimbatore

Coimbatore is a city located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. One of the most developed cities in Southern India, Coimbatore is a major commercial hub. Due to its close proximity to states like Kerala and Karnataka, Coimbatore is a gateway for businesses into Tamil Nadu. Due to the constant to and fro of private and commercial vehicles, the heavy traffic flow needs to be regulated. This is done by the RTO office in Coimbatore, and in this article, we will understand more about their administration.

Coimbatore RTO: All You Should Know

The RTO office in Coimbatore is the governing authority for the rules and regulations to roads and vehicles. It was established as per the guidelines of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. For vehicle owners having vehicles registered with the Coimbatore RTO, they can avail the following services:
  1. Apply for/Renew their learner’s licence (LL)/driver’s licence (DL)/international driver’s licence (IDL)
  2. Apply for/Renew their vehicle’s registration
  3. Apply for/Renew their vehicle’s fitness certificate
  4. Pay road tax
The Coimbatore RTO also carries out the following functions:
  1. Issuing NOC for vehicle relocation
  2. Collecting fines for traffic violations
  3. Issuing/Renewing vehicle permits
  4. Conducting awareness campaigns on road safety

Coimbatore RTO: Fees List

These are the lists of fees for the services provided by the Coimbatore RTO:

Driver’s Licence

Service Type Fees (INR)
Issue of Learner’s Licence (LL) (all vehicles class) 150
Learner’s Licence Test/Repeat Test 50
Learner’s Licence Test/Repeat Test (all vehicles class) 300
Issue of Driving Licence (DL) 200
Addition of another class of vehicle to the DL 500
International Driving Permit (IDP)/International Driving Licence 1,000
Renewal of Driving Licence 200
Renewal of Driving Licence (After Grace Period) 300
Duplicate DL 500
Change of address in DL 200
Smart Card fee for DL 200
Issue/Renewal of Motor Driving School Licence 10,000
Issue of Duplicate Licence to Motor Driving School 5,000

Registration Certificate

Vehicle Type Fees (INR)
Invalid Carriage 50
Two-Wheelers/Motorcycles 300
Four-Wheelers/Three-Wheelers/Quadricycles (Private) 600
Four-Wheelers/Three-Wheelers/Quadricycles (Commercial) 1,000
Imported Motorcycles 2,500
Medium Goods Vehicle 1,000
Medium Passenger Vehicle 1,000
Heavy Goods Vehicle 1,500
Heavy Passenger Vehicle 1,500
Imported Motor Vehicles (Four-Wheelers and Others) 5,000
Others 3,000
Duplicate RC 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Ownership Transfer 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Change of Address details to the RC 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Changes or Alterations to the RC 50% of the above-mentioned fees
Approval of Lease/Hypothecation/Hire Purchase Two-wheelers/Motorcycles: 500
Approval of Lease/Hypothecation/Hire Purchase Four-Wheelers/Three-Wheelers/Quadricycles: 800
Approval of Lease/Hypothecation/Hire Purchase Medium or Heavy Vehicles: 800

Fitness Certificate

Service Type Fees (INR)
Grant/Renew of FC (Two-wheelers) Manual: 200 Automatic: 400
Grant/Renew of FC (Four-Wheelers/Quadricycles/Three-Wheelers) Manual: 400 Automatic: 600
Grant/Renew for FC (Heavy/Medium Vehicles) Manual: 600 Automatic: 1,000
FC Renewal 200
Duplicate FC 150
Granting/Renewing Letter of Authority 15,000
Granting Duplicate Letter of Authority 7,500

Additional Tips For You

As a responsible vehicle owner, these tips can help you maintain a clean record for yourself:
  1. Do not lend your vehicle to unknown individuals as it could be used for illegal activities
  2. Avoid carrying/storing combustible items in your vehicle as it could lead to a major accident
  3. If your motor insurance is nearing expiry, make sure you update the policy before the grace period to avoid having to pay extra for the coverage
  4. If you are selling your vehicle, ensure that the ownership of the vehicle is transferred in a proper manner
  5. Do not allow minors to use your vehicle as not only it can lead to accidents, but it is also against the law

Coimbatore RTO: Getting In Touch

There are four divisions of the Coimbatore RTO:

Coimbatore South RTO

RTO Office Code TN-37
RTO Office Name RTO Peelamedu Pudur
Office Address Regional Transport Office (RTO) South, 100, HMS Kalyana Mahal, Pudur Road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641004
Helpline Number 0422 – 2562288
Email ID
State Tamil Nadu
Office Timings 10 AM to 5 PM

Coimbatore North RTO

RTO Office Code TN-38
RTO Office Name RTO Thudiyalur
Office Address Regional Transport Office (RTO) North, 337, Vellakinar Road, Near CTC Colony, Thudiyalur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641004
Helpline Number 0422-2646677
Email ID
State Tamil Nadu
Office Timings 10 AM to 5 PM

Coimbatore Central RTO

RTO Code TN-66
RTO Office Name RTO Coimbatore Central
Office Address Regional Transport Office (RTO) Central, Dr Balasundaram Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu ‒ 641018
Helpline Number: 0422-2248449
Email ID
State Tamil Nadu
Office Timings 10 AM ‒ 5 PM

Coimbatore West RTO

RTO Office Code TN-99
RTO Office Name RTO Covai Pudur
Office Address Regional Transport Office (RTO) West, 77-100, Covai Pudur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641042
Helpline Number 0422-2609999
Email ID
State Tamil Nadu
Office Timings 10 AM to 5 PM


This information can assist you in availing services such as the renewal of licence or fitness certificate of your vehicle at the Coimbatore RTO. As vehicle insurance is mandatory, make sure your policy is up to date. If you do not own a policy, use the motor insurance calculator to get a quote before you purchase the policy. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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