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Bike Owners Road Safety Tips
Sep 29, 2020

Important Road Safety Tips That Every Bike Owner Should Follow

Travelling on a bike is indeed more convenient than travelling in a car, but it is also true that the majority of Indian road accidents happen with two-wheelers. This is exactly why it is essential to buy comprehensive 2 wheeler insurance . This will not only protect your bike from damages caused due to accidents but will also offer compensation if your bike gets stolen. To reiterate the need to drive responsibly, here are 11 road safety tips if you are a two-wheeler owner:
  1. Always remember to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Practice this even while overtaking vehicles on the road. Try and avoid collisions by not cutting ahead when there isn’t any space.
  2. Follow all the traffic rules. Make sure to not hit the brakes abruptly or make abrupt turns; always signal first so that other riders around you know your next move.
  3. Note that your bike isn’t going to stop right after you hit the brakes. The distance taken to stop increases with speed so brake accordingly.
  4. Don’t ever ride your bike without wearing a helmet. Not just because you will be fined by the cops if you don’t wear one, but for your own safety. Head injuries can be fatal. You don’t want to risk your life by not wearing a helmet! Also, when you’re buying one, remember to opt for a helmet that covers your jaw. It would be even better if you buy a helmet that has a face shield to protect your eyes from dust, rain, insects, wind, etc. You must also have an extra helmet for the pillion rider as their safety is completely in your hands and you don’t want to risk it. Remember, an accident can happen anywhere no matter how responsible a driver you are. Therefore, always be safe and prepare yourself for the worst.
  5. Keep your eyes on the road always and be wary of obstacles, i.e. speed breakers, pot-holes, oil spills, jaywalkers, etc.
  6. Slow down when you see the traffic light turning orange, and especially do not rush your two-wheelers at red lights. Vehicles can come in from anywhere and cause an accident. Also, people tend to over speed at nighttime thinking that the roads are empty. Make sure you never do that.
  7. Be a little thoughtful about the pedestrians and give them way.
  8. Avoid overtaking, especially on bridges, junctions, pedestrian crossings, school zones, and places that are marked with yellow lines. Also, avoid overtaking from the left.
  9. Never pick up calls or reply to a text while riding a bike. If it’s urgent, you can park your vehicle somewhere and then do so.
  10. It is very important that you make yourself visible on the road. Purchase reflective bands and stick them on your helmet or simply buy a bright helmet. Add the same kind of bands at the sides as well as the back of your bike. If you don’t use these bands, it becomes difficult to spot your two-wheeler in the dark, which might lead to road accidents.
  11. Your bike is a prized possession so you must look after it and maintain it well. Check your bike after every long ride, get it serviced regularly, monitor the air pressure and the condition of the tyres, clutch, brakes, lights, suspension, etc. If your bike is perfectly fine, it reduces the risks of accidents, not to mention the added fuel efficiency.
The above-mentioned tips must be followed religiously by all bike owners to stay safe. Another important thing to consider would be bike insurance renewal . If you ride with a lapsed policy then you would be going against the law. It is also mandatory to purchase a basic third-party insurance policy as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It is imperative to look around, compare and evaluate each of the policies, weighing out pros and cons as per your needs before you buy two wheeler insurance online.  

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