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Jan 4, 2024

Popular Bike Companies In India

India, with its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture, has always had a special affinity for motorcycles. Whether it's the bustling streets of metropolitan cities or the winding roads of the countryside, bikes are an integral part of the Indian transportation landscape. Let’s explore some of the most popular bike companies that have become household names across the country, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of Indian riders. Before you do, as a potential buyer, it is your responsibility to also purchase two wheeler insurance for your bike. A policy helps you meet the legal requirement laid down in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1989, while also offering you all-round protection from financial liabilities that may arise from a road accident. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy.*

Bike Brands In India You Should Consider

If you are looking to purchase your first bike or are looking to replace your existing bike, the Indian market offers you a variety unlike any:

Hero MotoCorp

Hero MotoCorp, formerly known as Hero Honda, has been a dominant force in the Indian motorcycle market for decades. Established in 1984, the company quickly gained a reputation for producing reliable and fuel-efficient bikes. The Splendor and Passion series are among their most successful models, known for their durability and fuel efficiency. Hero MotoCorp has successfully captured the commuter segment, offering bikes that are affordable and low on maintenance, making them a popular choice for the average Indian consumer.

Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto is another stalwart in the Indian motorcycle industry, known for its innovative designs and powerful performance. The Bajaj Pulsar series has been a game-changer, introducing sporty, performance-oriented bikes to the Indian market. The brand has successfully carved a niche for itself in the premium segment with the Dominar series, offering a blend of power and style. Bajaj's emphasis on technology and performance has resonated well with the younger generation of riders. If your are planning to purchase one of the high-end bikes from Bajaj, it might benefit you to financially safeguard such an investment with the help of motor insurance for your Bajaj bike.*

TVS Motor Company

TVS Motor Company, a South Indian-based company, has been a consistent player in the Indian two-wheeler market. Known for its diverse range of scooters and motorcycles, TVS has successfully appealed to a broad spectrum of consumers. The Apache series, particularly the Apache RTR 160 and 200, has been a favourite among biking enthusiasts for their sporty design and performance. TVS also has a strong presence in the scooter segment, with models like Jupiter and Ntorq catering to urban commuters.

Royal Enfield

When it comes to classic and iconic bikes, Royal Enfield stands out as a symbol of timeless elegance. With a legacy dating back to the pre-independence era, Royal Enfield has evolved to become a brand that represents the spirit of adventure and exploration. The Bullet series, with its distinctive thump, has a cult following, and the more recent models like the Himalayan and Interceptor 650 have added a modern touch to the brand while maintaining its classic charm. Royal Enfield appeals to riders seeking a blend of style, performance, and a sense of nostalgia. As Royal Enfield bikes are known for their massive, sturdy builds, and higher power generation, people often have trouble handling these bikes. And problems with handling might increase the risk of an accident. If you have a policy for your bike, remember to Renew bike insurance on time to enjoy its continuous protection.*

Suzuki Motorcycle India

Suzuki entered the Indian market with a focus on performance-oriented bikes. The Suzuki Gixxer series has gained popularity among the youth for its aggressive design and sporty performance. Suzuki has also ventured into the cruiser segment with the Intruder, offering a comfortable and stylish option for riders who prefer a laid-back riding experience. With a mix of sporty and cruiser models, Suzuki caters to a diverse audience.


The Indian motorcycle market is a dynamic and competitive space, with companies constantly innovating to meet the evolving preferences of consumers. Whether you're a daily commuter looking for a reliable ride or an adventure enthusiast seeking the thrill of the open road, there's a bike company in India catering to your needs. Remember to get your bike insured with the help of a two wheeler insurance calculator. The brands mentioned are just a few examples of the diverse options available, each bringing its unique blend of style, performance, and reliability to the table. As the Indian biking community continues to grow, these companies will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of two-wheeler culture in the country.   *Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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