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Motor insurance claim documents
JUN 28, 2019

Documents Required to File a Motor Insurance Claim

Bajaj Allianz Motor Insurance

The congestion on Indian roads is surging and is at an all-time high. The traffic jams and the urgency people show after the jam opens up, leads to accidents, which causes damages to vehicles & injuries to people. Besides the traffic snarl-up, people, especially youngsters speed up their vehicles and race around on the highways, which leads to dreadful accidents causing life-threatening injuries and severe vehicle damages.

The damages caused to third parties (people/property) and your own vehicle(s) might put you under a huge financial burden. While we urge you to be careful when driving. We further advise you to purchase a comprehensive motor insurance policy that can take care of your finances, in case you confront an unfortunate incident.

Once you buy a motor insurance policy along with appropriate add-on covers, you should thoroughly understand the motor insurance claim settlement process. Also, you should make a checklist of all the documents you might need in case you need to file a motor insurance claim. Alternatively, you can simply refer to the list we're sharing here, so that you don't feel lost while making a claim.

Following are the documents and details you should be ready with while filing a motor insurance claim:

  • Proof of insurance (policy document or cover note) which mentions your policy number
  • Engine number and chassis number
  • Accident details like location, date and time of the accident
  • Km. reading of the car
  • Duly filled claim form
  • FIR copy (in case of third party property damage / death / bodily injury)
  • RC copy of the vehicle
  • Driving license copy

You will additionally need to submit the following documents to the garage/dealer based on the nature of incident.

Accident Claims

  • Police Panchanama/FIR
  • Tax Receipt
  • Estimate for repairs from the repairer where the vehicle is to be repaired
  • Original repair invoice, payment receipt (for cashless claim settlement - only repair invoice)
  • Claims Discharge Cum Satisfaction Voucher signed across a Revenue Stamp
  • Vehicle inspection address, if you have not taken the vehicle to the nearest garage

Theft Claims

  • Tax Payment Receipt
  • Previous insurance details - Policy number, insuring Office/Company, period of insurance
  • The sets of keys/Service Booklet/Warranty Card
  • Form 28, 29 and 30
  • Letter of Subrogation
  • Claim Discharge Voucher signed across a Revenue Stamp

Third Party Claims

  • Duly signed claim form
  • Police FIR copy
  • Driving license copy
  • Policy copy
  • RC copy of the vehicle
  • Stamp required in case of company registered vehicle's original documents

You can also use the Motor OTS feature of our Insurance Wallet app and file and settle claim instantly just by clicking and uploading pictures of the damage done to your vehicle using your mobile.


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