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Two Wheeler Insurance Ownership Transfer, Registration & RC Book
Jul 23, 2020

A Guide to Registration, RC Book & Two Wheeler Insurance Ownership Transfer

Two-wheeler insurance is an insurance product that safeguards you from any financial loss that might be incurred if your two-wheeler suffers loss/damage due to natural calamities or unforeseen incidents like theft, burglary and accidents.

There are two types of two-wheeler insurance plans:

In India, having a third party liability insurance is mandatory before you take your two-wheeler on the road. You can insure your vehicle with bike insurance online or via the offline process. While getting a long term two-wheeler policy is not compulsory, but it is best advised that you get it, as it can take care of your financial well-being in case of any unprecedented incidents.

While you will not need to show the proof of the documents such as RC book, ownership and registration of your two wheeler, you will surely need them for two wheeler insurance renewal after its expiration

Let's have a look at some useful information about these important documents.

What is bike RC book?
The RC book or the Registration Card is an official document issued by the Government of India, which certifies your bike to be legally registered with the RTO (Regional Transport Office). It looks just like a smart card and has the following details about your bike/two wheeler:

  • Registration date and number
  • Engine number
  • Chassis number
  • Color of the two wheeler
  • Type of the two wheeler
  • Seating capacity
  • Model number
  • Fuel type
  • Manufacturing date of the two wheeler

It also holds your information like your name and address.

How can you get two wheeler RC book?
Two wheeler registration is fairly an easy process. All you need to do is approach your nearest RTO, where the officers will inspect your vehicle and issue two wheeler RC for your bike. Alternatively you can also ask the dealer of the showroom, from where you have purchased your bike, to get the registration done on your behalf. In the latter case the delivery of your two wheeler will be done only after the RC is in place. 
The RC book is issued for a period of 15 years and then it can be renewed after every 5 years.

What happens if you lose your RC book?
In India, driving a two wheeler, or any vehicle for that matter, is illegal if you do not have a valid RC book for the same. So, if you have lost RC book of two wheeler or it gets stolen or misplaced, then please lodge a police complaint (in case of stolen) and approach your nearest RTO to initiate the process of issuance of duplicate RC book. Submit form 26 with the following documents to RTO:

  • Copy of original RC book
  • Tax payment receipts and tax token
  • Copy of your old or new two wheeler insurance
  • NOC from financer (if you have purchased your two wheeler on loan)
  • PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate
  • Your address proof
  • Your identity proof
  • Passport size photographs

Make the payment, approximately INR 300 and you will receive an acknowledgement slip, which will have the date by when you will receive the hardcopy of the duplicate RC book at your doorsteps.

How can you transfer RC of bike online?
If you have moved to a different state, for either a long period of time (more than a year) or permanently, you need to transfer the RC of your bike. The process to transfer your bike RC is simple and straightforward:

  • Get the NOC letter from your current RTO.
  • Arrange for transporting your bike/two wheeler to the new state.
  • Apply for registration of your bike in the new state.
  • Make the payment and the road tax as per the rules of the new state.

How can you transfer bike ownership online?
When you are buying a second hand bike or selling your bike, you need to take into consideration a bike ownership transfer process. Your old or new two wheeler insurance policy needs to be updated as well. It is basically the buyer who has to initiate the process of two wheeler ownership transfer. 
Here are the steps for bike ownership transfer procedure:

  • Submit the below mentioned documents at the Directorate of Transport office:
    • RC book
    • Insurance copy
    • Emission test certificate
    • Address proof of the seller
    • Tax payment receipts
    • Form 29 & 30
    • Passport size photographs of the buyer and seller
  • The submitted documents will be verified and then signed by the officers/registration authorities.
  • Make the payment of INR 250 approximately.
  • Receive the acknowledgement receipt.
    • Visit the official website of 'Ministry of Road Transport & Highways'.
    • Click on the link named - 'Vehicle Registration Related Services'.
    • Enter the transfer registration number in the next screen which opens up.
    • Click 'Proceed' number.
    • On the next screen, click on Misc section.
    • Enter the registration number, chassis number, mobile number and the OTP sent to your mobile number.
    • Click on show details. On clicking this button, complete details of your vehicle will get displayed.
    • On the same page you will find the option - 'transfer of ownership'. Select the option.
    • Enter the details of the new owner of the vehicle.
    • Check the transfer fee amount and proceed to make the payment to complete the process.

Hope this document helps you understand the two wheeler registration process, details of bike RC book, the way to deal with the situation of lost RC book of two wheeler, process to transfer RC book and transfer bike ownership online. Ensure that you own an old or new two wheeler insurance while selling your two wheeler. Moreover, ensure that you buy third party bike insurance online for a hassle-free process in order to meet all legal requirements always.

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