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Duplicate RC Book: Online & Offline Process
Jan 22, 2021

How to Get Duplicate RC Book: Online & Offline Process Explained

The Registration Certificate (RC) of your vehicle, is an official document that states your vehicle is registered with the Indian Government. It is a vital document just like the Driving License and needs to be carried along every time you ride your two-wheeler. If you’re wondering what is RC , then you should know that a registration certificate simply means that your vehicle has been registered with your state Regional Transport Office (RTO). The certificate is either in the form of a book, i.e. RC book or a smart card, i.e. RC card. The RC book or card has all the information regarding your vehicle, like:
  • Date of registration
  • Chassis number
  • Vehicle type that you own
  • The model number of your vehicle
  • Number of registration
  • Engine number
  • Vehicle color
  • The seating capacity
Documents Required for Vehicle Registration Before you take your vehicle out to be operated in public places, it must be registered under an RTO located in your vicinity. Usually, when a two-wheeler is purchased, the registration of the vehicle is done by the automobile dealership. This means the vehicle buyers can get the vehicles registered themselves as well, at the RTO nearest to them. Here are the documents that will be required to register your two-wheeler:
  • Application form (Form 20)
  • Sales certificate (Form 21)
  • Roadworthiness certificate (Form 22)
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • PAN card of the two-wheeler buyer
  • Proof of address
  • Customs clearance certificate in case of an imported vehicle
  • Manufacturer and dealer invoice
  • Identity proof
  • Insurance cover note copy
  • If applicable: Signed form 34 by the owner and financier
  • The applicable taxes and fee
  • The temporary registration certificate copy
Keep in mind that the above-mentioned list of documents is a general one. The documents to be submitted may differ based on the rules of the RTO. What to do if you lose your RC card or book? In case you’ve lost your RC or it got stolen somehow, you need to get a duplicate copy for the RC book. The process of doing the same is hassle-free, and only needs you to have the following documents in place:
  • A copy of the RC card lost challan from the police station
  • A copy of your bike insurance and copy of the driving license
  • Your passport-sized photograph
  • The application form
  • In case you’ve taken a loan, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the bank
  • Copy of emission test paper
  • Your address proof along with age
  • The paper of your vehicle purchase
Process of applying for a duplicate RC book: You can apply for a duplicate RC book online on the Parivahan Sewa website or offline, at your nearest RTO center. You will have to follow the simple steps given below to apply:
  1. Firstly, file a police complaint, for issuing a challan stating that you have lost your RC card.
  2. An application must be made for a duplicate RC book copy in the prescribed form, i.e. Form 26. A PDF can be downloaded from the website of RTO.
  3. In case of loans, you must get a NOC from the lender, either a financial institution or bank.
  4. You must get an affidavit prepared that has all the details of your two-wheeler. Don’t forget to add the reason why you need a duplicate RC application.
  5. You will then need to attach documents with the filled Form-26. Later for verification, submit it to the RTO officer.
  6. Once the verification is done, the file will be signed by the officer.
  7. Then, for verification of identification, you will need to visit the Assistant RTO / pay the required service fee online
  8. After paying the required fees, the cashier will hand-over the receipt to you.
  9. Take the receipt to the superintendent's office and get his signature.
  10. Lastly, take the acknowledgment slip from the superintendent. The same slip will have the date mentioned on which you will get the duplicate copy of RC.
Hoping that the above article solved all your queries regarding a lost RC book. Keep in mind to submit the correct documents and you’re good to go.

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