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Dec 5, 2019

Two Wheeler Safety Tips: Good Practices To Follow While Riding A Two Wheeler

The roads are filled with signs that say ‘Wear helmet, ride safe!’ or ‘Speed thrills, but it kills’ in various forms. These are not just boards but warnings which you should take very seriously.   The worst and most unfortunate thing that can happen on the road is an accident. With the increase in the rise of vehicles on roads, these accidents are becoming more and more common these days.   Rash driving, drunken driving, over speeding, jumping red lights are some of the most common reasons of accidents. One small mistake can be fatal to you and the people driving alongside you. The best method to avoid accidents are to follow safety rules. Here are some best practices that you can follow to ride safely on the road:   Wear helmet: We asked some people on the road about the use of helmet on road. Some said they are aware while some were not. We told them that wearing helmet is very essential. A fine of Rs 1000 will be levied and 3 months suspension of license. What kind of helmet should you buy? Helmet should be padded with a shield in front. It should have the ISI mark and should be bought from reputed store.   Keep the vehicle safe: No matter how safely you ride, if your vehicle is not in the right condition it can lead to accidents. Get a proper check done from technician. It is important to maintain your vehicle in the right condition. The most common mistake one can do, is not checking the tyre pressure. If the tyre pressure is uneven, it can lead to a blowout which might make the two wheeler skid and crash. You must check the pressure in your vehicle’s tyres using a pressure gauge at any of the auto parts shop. Uneven wear and tear on the tyres must be checked too. The brakes on the two wheelers are extremely important. Make sure that they are in proper working condition before you’re on the move.   Avoid distractions: You must be extremely careful while riding. Talking on phone while riding can be fatal and lead to accidents. If you need to attend a call, pull over and then talk. If you are caught talking on phone while riding, you will have to pay a fine of Rs 5000. The best thing is to avoid talking on phone while riding.   Don’t jump traffic lights: It is very common in India to jump traffic lights. Most people think that jumping a red light will save time but eventually it can be a life risk. You not only put your life at risk but also put the other people’s life at risk. If you follow traffic lights, everything will go on smoothly and there would be peace on the roads. Collisions would be less and accidents can be avoided.   Change lane with caution: Accidents on the road happen due to reckless and careless riding/ driving. You should be very careful while changing lanes. Overtaking from the wrong side and changing lanes without proper indications can cause fatal. Look for the white dash lines. They are there for a reason. Stay within them.   Be careful in bad weather: Bad weather can cause problem for you. You should be absolutely mindful while riding on a foggy or rainy day. If you do not wish to skid on the road when you must ride at a slower pace than usual. The tread depth of the tyres must be checked. Never slam on the brakes even if your vehicle skids. It is a very difficult situation when you ride or drive in fog. Use the low beam lights if your vehicle is not equipped with fog lamps.   Keep safe distance from the car ahead of you: Sometimes you meet with an accident due to the fault of other drivers/ riders. If you wish to avoid sudden collisions, keep some gap between your two wheeler and the vehicle in front. In case that vehicle stops all of a sudden, you will need reaction time to stop. There must be enough space ahead of you to stop without bumping into the vehicle in front of you.   Do not drink and ride/ drive: Though it is a punishable offence, many defaulters drink and drive. That’s the most dangerous thing to do. You are not only jeopardizing your life, but also threatening the life of other people on the road. In India, it is a crime to drive or ride after drinking or consuming drugs. If you are found to have more than 30 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood you can be imprisoned for a period of six months. A fine of Rs 10,000 will be charged too. Never drink and drive/ ride.   Now that you know about the best practices, you should be a responsible driver/ rider on the road. Keep your insurance up to date. If you are looking to get insurance, explore Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance Policy. It is one of the most comprehensive insurances in India. Our key features include:  
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