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How to enjoy quarantine time with your family
Sep 14, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak: Enjoy Your Quarantine with Family

Our busy lives have made it difficult to maintain that work-life balance. Most of us try our best to spend a quality time with our family. But, sometimes prior commitments make it very hard to have the best of both the worlds. While COVID-19 or coronavirus has got us all worried and locked every one of us in our homes, we can use this time in quarantine to have that ‘family time’ and make the most of it.

Here are 10 activities that you can do during the coronavirus quarantine:

  1. Passing the parcel: While this is a fun game to play, you can make this interesting by passing on the traditions that your family has been following since many generations. Sitting with elders and young ones of the family, you can pass the parcel of traditions from elders to the young generation of your family.
  2. Exercise together: As the gyms are closed during coronavirus quarantine, you can do floor exercises and practice yoga in the comfort of your home along with other family members. You can learn some of their regimes and teach them some of your moves.
  3. Prepare meal together: It is said that too many cooks spoil the broth. But, when you are having a fun time with your family you can even enjoy that spoilt broth. Down the memory lane, this can be one of the funny memory that you could reminisce. On the other hand, you could also turn up to be the master chef of your house.
  4. Read a book together: Going to a book club will not be possible during quarantine, so all of you can decide to read a book and have a discussion on it. This way you can have a great time with your family and also read a few nice books. Also, many online reading platforms have taken a big step and are providing free online books to their readers. You can pick a book either from your collection or read a book online for free.
  5. Organize a game night: There are so many games that you can play with your family members and have a fun-filled time while staying at your home. Old school games like monopoly, snake and ladder, ludo, cards game, Pictionary, dumb charades, spin the bottle can be a lot of fun and can make you forget the ongoing tension of the coronavirus.
  6. Binge movie watching: You must surely be missing going to the movies during the lockdown. But with various online streaming services, you can plan to binge watch your favorite movies and TV shows.
  7. Chalk down that startup plan: Every one today thinks of owning a business, having a start-up. Whether as a retirement plan or as a part time fad, you must have also thought of setting up a business. During quarantine, you can chalk down that plan, discuss with your family and get going with your start-up idea.
  8. Listen to Podcasts: You might have missed out on some of the interesting podcasts while doing your regular chores. But, now you will have a plenty of time to listen to those missed out and some new podcasts.
  9. Enjoy performance nights: Your kids will be thrilled to see you perform, since they might have never seen you do this till now. You can organize dance competition, fancy dress competition, monologue delivery, speech competition, debates and quiz shows.
  10. Attend live stream concerts: Many artists have started live streaming their concerts online, so that you can see your favorite performances with your family under your roof and stay safe from coronavirus attack.
One way to ensure that you are covered on the medical front during this pandemic is to have a well-structured health insurance policy. A health insurance plan can keep you and your family protected from the hefty hospital bills in case of an emergency. Check out our various health insurance plans and get the one that suits your needs the best. We hope you have a safe and entertainment filled quarantine!

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