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20 tips to help control Coronavirus transmission
Aug 27, 2020

Here’s 20 Tips That You Can Implement to Control the Spread of Coronavirus

After months of struggling through the novel contagion, the nation has descended into a state of crisis. Coronavirus has made this crystal clear that public safety can only be ensured by collective efforts taken to stop the spread of the virus Men and women - of all ages are at a risk. Even after global warnings and new instructions rolling out every other day, we can witness scattered bunches of people with varying degrees of abandon. Some are being proactive to the level where they’re buying a health insurance for the pandemic, while others won’t even wear a mask in the public. This carelessness is increasingly becoming a common sight in each and every locality irrespective of social stature or zones. The virus has infected lakhs of people in the country and new numbers keep on adding each day.

What is Coronavirus and modes of transmission?

Coronavirus, a type of virus that is known to affect the respiratory tract of both humans and animals. Common types present among humans include NL63, 229E (both ALPHA Coronavirus) and OC43, HKUI (both BETA coronavirus). There are certain types that emerge in animals but evolve as they come in contact with the human body. The virus spreads through droplets released when an infected person sneezes, coughs or talks and can travel up to a few feet. Transmission can also occur through surfaces where the droplets fall or when contaminated hands touch the face. Let’s take a look at 20 things an individual can do to contain the spread of this global pandemic while outside and inside the house:

1.  Put on a mask:

The entry and exit points for the virus are the mouth, eyes, and nose. Wearing a face cover will cut down oral transmission. It is a preventive measure for your safety and that of others. Considering the shortage of masks, you can use a homemade cloth mask for a casual outing.

2.  6 Feet Distancing:

Since the virus can only transmit for a few feet, it is important to avoid close contact. There are some cases, wherein the symptoms of the infection cannot be seen. Therefore, in social places, it is imperative to follow distancing.

3.  Stay at home:

Proximity to people can lead to the spread of the virus. Hence, avoid stepping out of the house for non-essential purposes. Try work and leisure alternatives that can be easily managed from your home, to avoid contamination.

4.  Avoid touching the face:

The hands come in contact with all kinds of surfaces and might get contaminated. As discussed, the entry point of the face includes mouth, nose, and eyes, hence, it’s best to avoid touching those.

5.  Start to prepare:

With the new cases unfolding right in front of us, we can draw a conclusion that the spread is unpredictable. There’s a possibility that the virus might infect anyone, cannot be neglected. Therefore, taking preventive measure like getting health insurance for Coronavirus is cardinal. It will protect the individual and family from a financial burden that excellent care and hospitalization can cause. Securing yourself with Coronavirus health insurance is a smart move to make sure that the person will be able to afford the best healthcare facilities in the time of need.

6. Stay diligent about disinfection:

Proper sanitization of the home appliances and cleaning up the house has become more important than ever. And, since the virus can stay onto surfaces for long, disinfecting them is the best way to contain transmission.

7.  Sanitize your hands often:

Keep a sanitizer handy especially when you step out of your house. Preferably use a sanitizer that has over 60% alcohol content.

8.  Maintain sneeze and cough etiquettes:

Carry a bag of tissues and immediately dispose it when you sneeze, or cough followed by washing the hands properly.

9.  Monitor your health:

Keeping a track of your well being is crucial if you are facing any of the symptoms for coronavirus. This can help in early diagnosis and prevent the spread of the virus.

10.Properly wash your hands:

Lather between the fingers, back of your hand, nails, along with the palms. Scrub efficiently for 20 seconds.

11.Sanitize your phone:

Not just the phone, but other gadgets/accessories that we constantly touch including the steering wheel, wallet, et all. Try sanitizing all those constantly.

12.Spread Awareness:

While many organizations constantly try to eradicate misinformation, there are multiple misinterpretations spreading. More than the spread of the virus, this can be extremely harmful and as an aware citizen of the country spreading awareness becomes a responsibility.

13.Avoid stressing out:

Overthinking and paranoia about the virus can cause frustration. As we continue to keep ourselves put, the apparent stress can increase and take a toll on your mental health. In this case, having patience and maintaining cool is imperative.

14.Stay vigilant:

The virus is ever-evolving and new updates keep on showing up. Apps are Arogya Setu, can help the person know whether there is a positive case around them or the status of other cities as well.

15.Be smart when travelling:

For those of whom travelling is inevitable, make sure that you keep taking all the preventive measures, and carry sanitizer, disinfectants, and tissues all the time. If you’re on long business trips, it’ll be good to have yourself covered with Coronavirus health insurance.

16.Keep the elderly and children inside:

The body of people at a certain age is incapable of fighting the virus, and it can be life endangering. Getting health insurance for Covid-19 for elderly family members is recommendable.

17.Don’t hoard food:

Food hoarding became a major issue when the lockdown was first announced in the country. This can cause trouble to the ones in desperate need of the essentials.

18.Keep health supplies at home:

Certain supplies like prescribed medicines, antiseptic, pain meds, glucose, electrolyte fluids, thermometer, and so on, are necessary healthcare items. Try to stock a 30-day prescription on hand.

19.Take precaution in unpacking:

The virus can stay on surfaces for 72 hours, so when you order essentials or groceries, you must keep them out for a span of 2 days. You can also sanitize the packaging.

20.Have a workout regime:

As you stay in, regular physical activities are almost negligible. Practicing yoga or having an indoor workout regime can help in maintaining emotional, mental, and physical well-being. There are multiple apps that can help you with a workout plan.

Summing it up:

The situation is alarming and calls for a high degree of proficiency in maintaining personal and social hygiene. Since the cure is yet to come, it is an individual effort that can make all the difference in the ongoing crisis. Till the time an effective cure comes through, individual efforts are the only way to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus. While some simple change in the ways of life can protect you, in addition to those, get yourself and the family insured as a protective measure with the health insurance covering for Coronavirus and the new Corona Kavach policy. Think about the threat of a possible outbreak, it is the time to stay prepared. Taking the above-mentioned precautions and investing in health insurance for Covid-19, are important tactics for dealing with this crisis. Stay put! Stay safe!

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