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The ill effects of obesity on your body & health
Jul 5, 2017

Obesity: How Does it Affect the body?

Obesity is a medical condition in which the body accumulates excessive body fat that remains stagnant, so much so that it has a negative effect on the body. Obesity is becoming a concern as the cases of obesity have doubled not only in kids but in adults as well, leading to life-threatening diseases and even death. The main cause of obesity is the imbalance between calories consumed and calories burnt. Lack of physical activity and consuming food high in fat is one of the main reasons that leads to obesity and other major health issues in the long term. Obesity is completely preventable if the person suffering is willing to lead a healthy and active life. A lot of factors are responsible for obesity, some of them are: Overeating – Overeating leads to weight gain especially if the diet is high in fat and carbohydrates. Consuming more of simple carbohydrates – According to some scientists consuming a lot simplified carbohydrates like sugar, fructose, soft drinks, beer, wine etc. can lead to weight gain because they are more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream than complex carbohydrates. Eating frequently – Having 2-3 large meals a day spike insulin levels which also contribute largely towards weight gain. Medicines – Anti depressants, oral contraceptives and high blood pressure are also reasons for weight gain. Physical Inactivity – Sitting in one place and zero physical activity is one of the strongest factors for obesity. Psychological factors and genes – Many people have the tendency to eat when they are stressed, bored or angry, this plays a major role in weight gain. Obesity is also genetic if someone in your family had it, chances are you would get it too. Disease – Thyroid, insulin resistance, polystic ovary syndrome etc. are a few diseases that cause weight gain and are known to contribute towards obesity. The only way to cure obesity is to sit with your doctor and create a long term plan about your diet and exercise. Eat less, eat in small portions and eat healthy. Increase your physical activities and always keep your health and weight under check. Just following these things will yield you miraculous results. So, to keep yourself and your pocket guarded from the sudden financial expenses during any health issue, get yourself a health insurance policy as it is the cushion we need during difficult moments. To know more about the policies and policy wordings, kindly visit our website.

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