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FAQs About Mediclaim Insurance Policy
May 30, 2022

Mediclaim Policy FAQs: All That You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Who should buy a mediclaim insurance policy?

A mediclaim policy covers the medical expenses due to hospitalization while the policy is active. Considering the inflation and lifestyle led everyone needs to be covered under the best mediclaim insurance policy and ensure adequate healthcare. *

2. Coverage offered under a mediclaim insurance policy

The mediclaim policy offers coverage for the following:
  • In-patient hospitalization treatment
  • Pre-hospitalization medical expenses
  • Post-hospitalization medical expenses
  • Modern treatment method
*Standard T&C Apply

3. How to select the best mediclaim policy?

To select the best mediclaim policy, consider the following parameters:

Type of Plan

It is initially important to understand the need and then buy a suitable mediclaim policy. Anyone who has no dependents can consider buying a mediclaim policy for an individual. Yet, anyone who is looking forward to including their family members should opt for a health insurance plans for family.

Claim Settlement Ratio

While purchasing a mediclaim insurance policy look for the claim settlement ratio of the company. It gives a good idea about the efficiency of the company in settling the claims.

Waiting Period

During the purchasing of the best mediclaim policy have a look at the waiting period. In case of pre-existing diseases ensure to have a look at the waiting period to understand when the diseases will get covered. When it comes to a mediclaim policy, the needs will differ from person to person. Assess the needs and then choose the best mediclaim policy that fulfills the requirements. *

4. What is a cashless mediclaim policy?

In the case of a cashless mediclaim policy, the medical expenses are paid by the insurance company. The insurer pays the amount directly to the network hospital where the treatment has been received. The cashless claim is subject to the sum insured. A cashless mediclaim policy ensures that the insurer need not pay for the medical bills from their pockets. It is to be noted that the cashless health insurance facility can be availed only at the network hospital of the insurance company. *

5. Are there any additional benefits offered under the mediclaim policy by Bajaj Allianz?

The Bajaj Allianz mediclaim policy offers the following benefits:
  • Cashless claim settlement
  • Hassle-free process
  • Cost-effective premium
  • 24x7 assistance
  • Tax saving
Note: The tax benefit is subject to change as per the existing laws. *Standard T&C Apply

6. What is the process to get a mediclaim policy if I get hospitalized?

In case the policyholder has the cashless mediclaim policy, a cashless form request needs to be filed. The cashless treatment facility can be availed at the network hospital. The cashless request form is available there and it needs to be filled and sent to the insurer for verification. If everything found is to be true, a pre-authorized letter is issued. At the time of discharge, the insured person needs to verify and sign the papers of discharge. In case the cashless claims are denied for some reason, keep the medical treatment-related documents and bills safely and apply for reimbursement to the company or third-party administrator.  *

7. Does the mediclaim policy cover pregnancy as well?

The mediclaim policy has certain exclusions. It may vary from insurer to insurer. At Bajaj Allianz, a cover is provided for ectopic pregnancy. It also offers a cover for miscarriages due to an accident. *

8. Is coverage for accidents available under the mediclaim policy?

Any hospitalization expenses incurred due to an accident or illness are covered under the base mediclaim policy. *

9. Can the sum insured of the mediclaim policy be changed?

Yes, the sum insured of the mediclaim policy can be changed but only during the policy renewal. Any change in the sum insured of the mediclaim policy will impact the premium. *

10. Is it possible to add or remove family members from the mediclaim policy?

Any addition or removal of the family members in an active mediclaim policy is not possible. However, at the policy renewal, the modification can be done. *

11. What are pre-existing diseases and are they covered in a mediclaim policy?

A pre-existing disease implies any health issue that the insured has before purchasing the best mediclaim policy. The pre-existing diseases include various health issues ranging from diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Certain pre-existing diseases are covered in a mediclaim policy once the waiting period for such diseases gets over. While purchasing the mediclaim policy it is recommended to have a look over the waiting period of the pre-existing disses. It will help to understand the plan better and make a wise choice. *   *Standard T&C Apply Disclaimer: The information and figures are subject to change. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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