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20 simple fitness tips for the COVID-19 lockdown
Aug 27, 2020

20 Tips to Keep You Fit & Moving During the Coronavirus Lockdown

COVID-19 lockdown has thrown everyday routine out of the gear and physical activity has dropped considerably. With restricted social life, sitting in their homes people are drawn drastically towards comforting treats like sweets, ice-creams, oily snacks, et al. And, therefore weight gain has become a common concern amongst many. While it has been stressful, this lockdown has provided optimum conditions for people to improve their physical and mental well being. It is the perfect time to shift your focus to the family and protecting them all means necessary ranging from staying fit to buying an adequate health insurance cover. According to Statista, health and fitness-related apps have experienced a spike in usage. Since the social fitness centres i.e. Gyms and parks remain shut, people have switched to alternate ways.

Why is fitness necessary during COVID-19 Lockdown?

There are multiple reasons to focus on physical activity in these unprecedented times. Find the top benefits that you are missing out on, without the workout!

1.   Mental well-being:

The less-obvious key advantage of working out and a healthy diet remains mental wellbeing. As breaking sweat, has been proven effective in reducing stress and anxiety. This is more important during the lockdown when people are increasingly dealing with the feelings of being trapped and frustrated.

2.   Preventive during the pandemic:

Maintaining a fitness regime is not a cure against the novel contagion, however, some researches have shown that it has positive effects on the body. One of the many pros of following a healthy lifestyle, especially during this lockdown, is strengthening the immunity of the body. Many people are opting for health insurance for Coronavirus for the same.

3.   Physical benefits:

Exercise strengthens the muscles, bones, regulates the cortisol, improves blood circulation, maintains body resilience, and helps in improving the quality of the sleep. As this global public health crisis has advanced itself and outside moment remains restricted, a lazy regime can take a toll on your physical strength.

How much physical activity is required on a daily basis?

To help you, multiple fitness instructors and even professional apps have begun to share proper exercise routines during the lockdown. Since we all have varying fitness goals and areas of interest, you can decide the type you find best suited. Types of exercises that can be followed during the COVID-19 lockdown include aerobic exercises, Zumba, Yoga, Brisk walking, cardio, pilates and Tai chi. Take your pick! You can start off with a basic 28-minute workout per day and keep on increasing as per the comfort of your body.

20 simple ways to get moving:

1.   Fix a time to workout:

Make a note in your calendar, and stick to the schedule when trying to get started with your workout regime.

2.   Adapt a five-second rule:

As we step into a new routine, our mind can make an endless stream of excuses. Let nothing pull you back and make a quick decision to get up and start the workout, as planned. This will reprogram and condition your brain to adapt the new addition in your everyday timeline.

3.   Involve a family member/friend:

Someone who shares your fitness goals can make an excellent partner. As we are all experiencing a new way to keep your loved ones closer, i.e. video calling, even workout partners can kick off a regime like that.

4.   Set a small goal:

The lesser-known key to starting a workout is to not start too strong, instead, take small increments! Fitness enthusiasm makes people push themselves over the edge for a day or two, but then the trend starts fading off.

5.   Know your reason:

Understanding the ‘Why’ for your workout is crucial. Why do you want to start working out in the first place? It will be the driving factor as your roll.

6.   Practice the 3x10 rule:

This is perfect for the people who run short of time. Take 10 minutes out, thrice a day to perform a simple workout.

7.   Turn up the heat with your favourite music:

You can effectively turn music into a motivation to do some physical activity. Since audiobooks are trending these days, you can switch music with one.

8.   Watch and workout:

We keep on binging as we perform the various tasks of our routine. Why not add physical activity to the mix?

9.   Take up a challenge:

Competition and challenges can bring people to perform even the toughest tasks. Take up an ongoing fitness challenge, or compete with someone.

10. Use a fitness app:

As discussed earlier in this blog, people are using fitness apps more than ever. These offer perfect fine tuned regimes, that can easily be followed while they keep a check on your progress as well.

11. Track your progress:

There is no better motivation than watching yourself get to your desired size, or achieve that stamina. Keep a track and it will automatically turn into the   motivation you seek.

12. Keep your phone out of reach:

Cell phones can be a huge distraction. If you are addicted too, give yourself a break as you begin your fitness routine.

13. Mix up the routine:

Following the same routine can get monotonous. You can mix a couple of routines up and make your own kind!

14. Follow the regime of your interest:

Fitness exercises are well segregated in types, you can make a choice depending on what interests you the best.

15. Integrate one aspect at a time:

Level up in bits! Integrate a new exercise to your routine on a weekly basis.

16. Put on your workout attire:

Well, running shoes alone act as a perfect motivation to get yourself started. Put on that athletic attire, the comfy shoes, and your workout accessory to start off!

17. Post the endorphin rush selfie:

Some might find it difficult to believe but posting that workout picture has its own pleasure.

18. Surround yourself with words of motivation:

Some motivational messages here, some there placed perfectly to be seen every now and then. This will act as a great reminder.

19. Treat yourself as you succeed:

Don’t be too hard on yourself and never forget to treat yourself with your favourite cuisine or a present as you achieve your goals.

20. Know that your wellbeing is precious for your loved ones:

Alarming times call for some extra preventive measure to keep yourself healthy. Not just for your personal benefit, but for the people who love you and look up to you.


Protecting yourself and your family is more concerning than ever in these globally critical times. While there are multiple preventive measures that one can take, the spread cannot be predicted. In the case of emergency, it would be the primary focus to avail top-notch healthcare facilities for yourself and your loved ones, however, this can dig a hole in your pocket. COVID-19 specific insurance plans such as the Corona Kavach policy  will cover the expenses during hospitalization & more at affordable premium prices. This is a purely preventive measure to save yourself the horror of a financial setback during the time of crisis. Considering the accelerated increment in the number of patients, the possibility of occurrence can not be nullified. Take care, maintain the highest order of precautions, follow government guidelines and stay protected!

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