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Health insurance policy comparison
Oct 7, 2015

Compare Health Insurance Plans & Choose the Right Policy

Health insurance premium is easily affordable by everyone if you compare it to the rising medical costs. You can avail a health insurance plan as per your budget and get access to quality medical care. An urgent need for medical care can cause a huge hole in your pocket whereas you can systematically plan buying and renewing your health insurance policy as the premium has to be paid annually. This way you can secure yourself and stay relaxed with a sense of security. Why Compare Health Insurance Plans? It is essential that you compare health insurance plans side by side because sometimes you end up buying a policy which costs less but practically doesn’t secure you sufficiently. Sometimes you buy a high costing health insurance plan only to realize later that you could have been just about fine with a different policy as you never needed the frills in your plan. Health Insurance Plans Here are the different types of health insurance plans available, you can compare these health insurance plans and choose the most suitable one for yourself. Individual Health Insurance Plan–This policy will cover just you and manage your medical care costs with facilities like cashless hospitalization, hospital cash etc. Family Health Insurance Plan – This is a collective health insurance cover for your entire family. If your sum assured is 5 lac, then in case of a claim the entire amount can be used to treat one person or can be divided among individual members. However, the sum assured of 5 lac will be the collective amount your family will be insured for. Critical Illness Health Insurance Policy – With the rise of life threatening diseases, these policies are highly recommended especially if one has history of such diseases running in the family. Critical illness policy is a rider policy which is used in treatment of illnesses like cancer, heart related illnesses, kidney malfunction etc. Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan–People above the age group of 60 years are considered senior citizens and since they are prone to have a higher risk of health issues there is a separate insurance plan for them. These plans will typically cover certain diseases and will have a waiting period for pre-existing ones. The waiting period can be waived off in certain cases by paying an extra premium. These days, many insurers provide instant calculator to calculate your health insurance premium. You can compare the premium and choose the best health insurance plan for you and your family.

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