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Sep 14, 2020

Health Insurance – The best way to CareBack

Today, you live a busy life, a life that is jam-packed with numerous tasks to complete. You do some of these tasks, but, you are dependent on someone else for finishing off most of the remaining tasks. And, these someone else are people who come in your life as strangers, then they gain your trust by showing how much they respect you, care for you and make you feel secure. Yes, we are talking about those, who have become your support system, when you are sick, when you are working and when you have your hands full. These are the extended relations in your life, on whom you place your trust blindly and they reciprocate the love and care – your mali kaka, driver anna, cook tai, watchman bhaiyya and many such extended relations. These are the people who are constantly showing care. So isn’t it time that we show care back? Just paying them their salary might not be enough, you should help them understand the bigger picture, and help them improve the quality of their lives. You and your family have a health insurance plan to cover you in case of any medical emergency. But, do you think these extended relations have even remotely thought about getting an insurance plan? Most of them solely rely on the cash in hand for all kinds of emergencies. But, without a health insurance policy, they will be ill-prepared for any emergency. Akin to stepping out into the battle field without any safety gear and without any weapons. Just like you enjoy the sweet fruits grown by your mali kaka, lick your fingers after eating the delicious food made by cook tai, feel secure in the presence of watchman bhaiya and have a safe ride with driver anna, you should help them by sharing the importance of health insurance. You can give them your own example, share the benefits of having a health insurance plan, tell them about the added advantages of a health cover. You can also offer to bear part of their premium, or give them the option of paying for it in installments. So, you not only give them their salaries, you will also be giving them the guidance to avail a security blanket that helps them be financially independent in case of any medical emergency. We hope this video inspires you to #CareBack.

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