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Lead a Longer, Secure Life With Health Plans by Bajaj Allianz
Jul 21, 2020

Health Insurance: Way to a Longer, Healthier Life

An often asked question with relation to health insurance is, "How is health insurance going to help me?" or "What is the benefit of having health insurance?" We could give you the standard answer, saying health insurance will be beneficial in times of medical crises (which is true). But there is another greater benefit of having medical insurance , and that is that it can actually contribute to a longer, healthier life. While it seems far-fetched that Healthcare and health are related, here are some factors for you to consider:

People with health insurance have access to better medical care

The most obvious relation between medical insurance and health is the simple fact that people with health insurance have access to better medical care. This means that they have the means to get their medical issues attended to by the best doctors and at best-in-class hospitals, and even rope in specialists for rare conditions if it is covered in the scope of their mediclaim policy. You can have a better look into mediclaim vs health insurance to understand each of these better and make an informed decision. Irrespective of what you choose to go with, it of access gives you a better chance of recovery, recuperation, and contributes to a longer, healthier life.

People with health insurance are more likely to avail preventive care

It is said that prevention is better than cure. And studies have shown that people with medical insurance are more likely to undertake medical tests more often, and visit healthcare centers in case they develop any worrying symptoms. On the other hand, people who are not covered by insurance hesitate because of the additional expenditure and often waste precious time before going in for a diagnosis or pre-screening tests. This means that medical insurance can positively affect your life by simply making it possible for diagnosis to happen in time, so you can take corrective measures before an issue can escalate.

People with health insurance benefit in terms of mental health

One of the biggest fears that weigh on our mind is whether or not we will have sufficient funds to cover our medical expenses. People who have insurance are assured of the fact that they have the financial support required in case of a medical emergency. This leads to lesser stress and fewer worries, leading to better mental health. A small but significant factor that can positively affect your overall well-being.

Although the relationship between health insurance and good health is still often debated, it is clear to see that having a good health insurance cover can be a definite contributing factor in leading a longer, healthier life. Apart from these advantages, you can also avail health insurance tax benefits  .

Don't wait till insurance becomes a necessity. Instead, take a look at our comprehensive and cheap health insurance plans that offer a myriad of benefits and are flexible enough to accommodate your specific medical requirements. Get yourself insured today.

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