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Health Insurance Plan for Young Women
Oct 17, 2014

Everything About Health Insurance for Young Women

When you are young and healthy, buying health insurance for young women seems like a pointless expense. What many young adults, especially women, fail to understand the meaning of health insurance and it significance till the time they have to shell out a considerable amount of money when they have to be hospitalized for an accident or a sudden health problem. Today women are doing more, balancing multiple roles as a supportive wife, a loving mother and a successful professional in the respective career. While juggling these roles, they fail to take adequate care of their health which in the long run can lead to a number of health problems. Since women are more prone to health-related risks, young women need to ensure that they are adequately covered by the right health insurance policy which would ensure their well being in all phases of life. There are many insurers who offer special plans catering to women’s health needs. Here are some pointers for women that will ensure they cover all their health insurance needs. Women’s Health Insurance: What You Need to Know Check the plan’s coverage Health insurance may be mandatory for women but while opting for a women-centric health insurance policy it is vital to check the plan’s coverage. This is because women are prone to a number of health problems such as bone-related illnesses or breast and ovarian cancer. The health insurance policy should adequately cover these health problems. Also, check whether the health insurance cover for young women extends to checkups and outpatient bills as well, or if there is a waiting period for specific ailments such as cysts and fibroids and procedures like hysterectomy. Opt for special critical illness plans Insurers in India provide special critical illness plans for women that provide protection against certain women-specific ailments. For example, the Bajaj Allianz Critical Illness Cover for Women provides protection against eight critical illness problems in India such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, fallopian tube cancer, vaginal cancer, ovarian cancer, burns, paralysis/multitrauma and uterine cancer. The treatment for these diseases is not just lengthy but also very expensive. This is why you need a special plan to cover these health problems. Additionally, this plan also provides Congenital Disability Benefit and even Children’s Education Bonus. Understand that group policies may not be enough Women who are working may be covered under group medical insurance offered by their employer or as a dependent in their spouse’s group medical insurance policy. While these policies have certain benefits such as instant coverage of Pre-existing diseases and maternity from the day the policy is issued and low costs. However, along with the group plans you need covered with a supplemental health insurance policy that may cover your financial risks in case you need medical assistance when you are unemployed or when your job situation changes. The earlier, the better The earlier you opt for health insurance for young women, the better it is. When you are young, you can get coverage without any medical tests. Moreover, buying health insurance for women at young age ensures a cheaper cover as the premium would be lower and you would get a much more comprehensive coverage. With advancing age, the cost of the cover increases and in case you have pre-existing illnesses then these get excluded from the health insurance policy. When you have enrolled for a policy early then he will have coverage for all diseases in latter stages of his life when he needs it the most. There are a number of insurers offering health insurance for young women. Young women should ensure that they opt for a policy that fits their healthcare needs and protects their finances when they need it the most. There are different types of health insurance policies to suit individual needs. To find the best cover for yourself, check out our online health insurance plans.

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