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Health Benefits of Dance
Nov 22, 2021

World Dance Day – 7 Dance Forms That are Good for Health

Every year 29 April is celebrated as World Dance Day, the concept of dance day was introduced by the International Dance Council in 1982. The main purpose of this day is to promote dance as an art form. Dance is not just an art form it is also beneficial to our health, a 30-minute dance class is equivalent to a session of jogging. It’s good for your heart makes you stronger and helps in balance and coordination. On this occasion, we list few dance forms that are both fun and good for your health:
  1. Ballet
Ballet exercises boost strength throughout your body and help in the formation of small intrinsic muscles of your feet to the larger muscles of your back, glutes and calves. Because of the nature of dance and the steps involved, it builds a good amount of strength in the hip and lower body areas. But since the strength formation in ballet is restricted to the lower body, ballerinas go for Pilate classes and lift free weights and engage in other muscle-building activities to beef up their upper torso, core and upper leg strength.
  1. Swing Dance
Swing is an extension and vigorous form of aerobics. It is a weight-bearing form of dance and strengthens your bones. One can burn a lot of calories in swing dance, it can burn up to 300 calories per session. This form offers a full body workout.
  1. Belly Dance
Belly dancing is a fun way to exercise, it helps in reducing stress while toning the body and muscles. Belly dancers use their torsos a lot, much more than any other form of dance which helps them build the back muscles evenly. It also strengthens their arms as their arms are up in the air for longer periods while dancing. Apart from the aforementioned benefits, it also helps in digestion and prepares the hips for childbirth.
  1. Zumba
Zumba is a high and low-intensity form of aerobics that works mainly on the midsection. Apart from the core it also builds arms, legs and glutes. A 60-minute Zumba session burns 369 calories on an average. This Latin-inspired dance form is also one of the most popular forms of exercises around the world. There are variations in Zumba too, from aqua Zumba to weights inclusive Zumba. They even have a category for kids’ Zumba.
  1. Salsa
Salsa focuses on almost every major muscle group including the heart. Hamstrings, glutes, calves and the midsection are exercised aggressively to conduct any step in this dance form. This dance form apart from increasing flexibility also improves blood and oxygen flow into the tissue muscles of heart while flushing out the toxins. A 30-minute salsa session burns 175-250 calories.
  1. Bharatnatyam
This Indian classical dance form not only increases stamina, flexibility and balance but also builds endurance. This dance form has all the benefits that a session of aerobics has, it boosts your blood circulation which makes your heart healthy. Because of complex movements, it also keeps your weight under control. It strengthens the lower half of your body, especially muscles of your thighs and calves.
  1. Odissi
Considered to be one of the most complex forms of classical dances, Odissi keeps different body parts in sync. Since all body parts contribute towards the art, it is not just exercising it is also a form facial yoga as this dance is incomplete without facial expressions. It improves your overall body endurance and flexibility as every step makes you look like an Indian sculpture. While you enjoy every beat of your dance and pave your way to a healthy body, make sure you are insured so that in the hour of crisis you will have the cushion of health insurance protecting you from any financial jolt.                

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    A new way to look at dance

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