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7 ways to help discontinue tobacco consumption
Sep 14, 2020

World No Tobacco Day: 7 Simple Ways to Quit Tobacco

WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that each year tobacco kills around 1 million people in India. Consuming tobacco and tobacco related products cause damage to most of the organs in your body, especially your lungs and your heart, which might ultimately result in your death. Tobacco, whether consumed as a smoke-producing or smokeless product, is harmful for you as well as for people around you. It is better to quit this bad habit and live a healthy life. We understand that it might be very difficult for you to quit the bad habit of tobacco consumption, as the presence of nicotine makes the consumption of tobacco and tobacco related products addictive. In fact, many of you must have started your new year with the resolution of quitting the use of tobacco, but, how many of you could actually go through with it? Many of you might have failed to keep up to this new year resolution. It usually happens because when you stop consuming tobacco, your body starts to crave and reach out for that cigarette, e-cigarette or any other tobacco containing substance. And, most of you succumb to this weak point and thus, fail early on in your efforts to stay away from tobacco. But, the best way to stay put on your resolution is to have a strong mind, a brave heart and some simple efforts. On this World No Tobacco Day, observed on May 31 every year, let’s make a promise to let go of this unhealthy and detrimental habit. And, here are some simple everyday efforts that you can make to keep this promise of yours:
  • Let the craving pass: This happens not only when you are trying to quit tobacco, but also happens when you are not supposed to do anything else. If you are told to not touch the beautiful vase in front of you, your mind will think again and again about touching that vase. Now, you can control your urge to touch a beautiful vase, but, controlling your urge to get a drag can almost be impossible. One of the ways to trick your mind is to let it ponder upon something else. You can drink a glass of water, have a crunchy snack or even chew on a sugar-free gum (e.g. spicy cinnamon gum), so that your mind wanders off and you are no longer thinking about consuming tobacco.
  • Avoid triggers: It is common to have a cigarette after you have alcohol or even after you have your meal. So, limit your alcohol consumption as well. This might even help you in quitting two bad habits at once! You can go for a walk or watch a movie or chat with a friend after having your meal, to avoid taking a trip down the e-cigarette way. You should avoid any other triggers also, that might want you to have the company of tobacco.
  • Minimize stress: Stress is one of the major reasons for people turning to bad habits. If you are constantly in stress due to some office related issue or even a personal matter, then take a break. Taking stress about anything complicates the problem even more. Take a few days off from your office, relax at your home or go out and enjoy with your friends. Try to stay calm and keep your stress levels down. Here are some great travel tips for a stress-free holiday that can help you plan a wonderful getaway.
  • Block the tobacco memories: You should have a cleansing ritual after you have decided to quit tobacco. No, we are not talking anything about any kind of purification prescribed by any priest. We are talking about cleaning your home and your surroundings that might remind you of smoking or chewing tobacco. You should throw away your ash-trays, clean your carpets, curtains and balconies. Also, you can use a pleasant air freshener to get rid of the tobacco smell. You should also clean your car inside out so that no smell or sight reminds you to use tobacco products again.
  • Start exercising: If you experience any withdrawal symptoms or find it difficult to get over the craving, then get rolling. You can do some exercises to let go of the feeling of tobacco consumption. The exercises need not be rigorous, even mild exercises can do the magic and help you stay firm on your decision while you also lose some weight. So, you can aim for two birds with a single stone!
  • Keep yourself busy: You should keep your mind and hands occupied when you are trying to quit tobacco. You can play some online games, read your favorite book, listen to some lovely music, and learn to start knitting or use squeeze balls to keep your hands busy. These activities can help you rediscover your lost hobbies and also help you develop some new ones.
  • Visit places where smoking is not allowed: One of the best ways to quit smoking is to visit places like malls, movie theatres, children parks or coffee shops where you are not allowed to smoke. Being in such places can be a very effective way to quit smoking.
We hope that you try these simple ways to quit using tobacco and tobacco products. Also, don’t be shy to ask for any professional help that you may require while undergoing this huge change in your lifestyle. It is okay if you feel that you need to visit a doctor or a psychiatrist to help you quit tobacco. Also, this change in habit might bring some health related issues, the expense for which can be covered under your health insurance policy. So, if you have a health insurance policy, consider checking the coverage for the same when you decide to quit tobacco consumption. And, if you don’t have a health insurance policy, visit our website and buy a suitable health insurance plan that can take care of you during any medical emergencies.

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