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Best Family Health Insurance Plans in India
Sep 17, 2020

One-Stop Guide to Avail Best Family Health Insurance

Have you ever imagined the lives of your family while you’re not around? There is no denying that everyone dreads to visualize the suffering of their family when you’re gone. In order to prevent the misery of your families, we tend to work hard and save up money for their better future. However, accumulating resources might not suffice them for a long time which makes the investment in health insurance plans for families necessary. Before purchasing a policy, go through the following things in order to land up with the best family health insurance in India: What is family health insurance? Due to the skyrocketing expenses of hospitalization and the unpredictability of life, the need for health insurance in India has gradually increased. When you invest in a family health insurance, your entire family receives financial support in times of medical emergency. If you’re looking for protecting the needs of your parents, spouses or children, invest in a family floater plan. On the other hand, before you purchase a family floater, understand the needs of your family, their medical history, the number of family members you want to cover and other relevant factors. Once you understand the requirements, you’ll get a clearer picture of why you need a family floater health insurance plan. Take a look at these few reasons why every family needs to be covered in times of sickness and health:
  1. Provides security to the entire members of the family with the right coverage.
  2. Due to tie-ups with network hospitals, it allows cashless hospitalization benefits.
  3. Looks after providing quality healthcare solutions.
  4. Financially supports every member of the family in times of need.
  5. Reduces the last minute hassle of hospitalization and accumulation of cash.
How to select the best family health insurance plan in India?
  1. Select the coverage amount smartly
The investment in family health insurance majorly depends on the coverage of the policy. In order to secure the entire family, you’ll most definitely require a humongous sum insured amount. Therefore, invest in the family health insurance policy provided by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance as it provides sum insured ranging from Rs 1.5 lakhs to 50 lakhs. Moreover, it also covers the pre and post hospitalization expenses along with the facility of cashless hospitalization. 2. Go through the exclusions While a majority of customers ignore the exclusions of the policy, it is advisable to go through the exclusions before signing up for a family health insurance plan. Don’t be under the notion that if a plan provides coverage, it will include everything under it. 3.Opt for faster claim settlement In order to ensure that approval of your claims without the fear of rejection, opt for a policy that not only allows a high claim settlement ratio but also a faster procedure of claim settlements and cashless health insurance facility. While filing for a claim, submit the relevant and important documents in order to hasten the process. Now that you know how to avail the best health insurance plan for your family, what are you waiting for? We, at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, provide our customers with an option for a family floater due to our deep understanding of the needs of each family member. Our experts know exactly what you should opt for. In the end, we want the best for your family, just like you.  

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