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Mar 8, 2023

These Reasons are Why you Must Buy a Travel Insurance Before Going on a Vacation

Planning for your travel can be a meticulous process depending on the type of traveller you are. Some travellers like to plan every detail of their trip while those who are an explorer prefer to figure out things as they experience. Irrespective of your travel-type preference, you need to make reservations for reaching the place as well as accommodation at the destination. Further, having a broad outline in your itinerary helps you cover all the possible tourist attractions in one go. In all this process, people often miss out on one critical aspect of their travels which is a travel insurance policy. A travel insurance policy offers financial coverage in case things go bad during your trip. While several risks are associated with a travel plan, one cannot always be prepared for them all. Hence, a travel insurance plan is the next best solution. With a travel insurance plan, you can be assured that minor or major inconveniences can be tackled with ease. You can buy an plan as it gives you the flexibility to buy a policy depending on your schedule. Moreover, online travel insurance policies not only allow for easy comparison of the policy coverage, but also the premiums for your travel destination. Thus, buying online has its benefits. That being said, travel insurance policies are available in different types. Hence, depending on your destination, you need to buy either a domestic travel insurance policy or an international travel insurance policy. When selecting any type of travel insurance coverage, you must consider the coverage it offers. That helps you stay on top of what event is covered by the insurer and what isn’t. Aligning your travel policy with your needs is critical. * When it comes to what should your travel policy cover, this article elaborates on the different risks that you must insure against before heading out on your next vacation.
  • Medical coverage

The cost of medical treatment in India is comparatively more affordable than that in foreign countries. While medical emergencies can strike at most inopportune times, the possibility of it occurring during your trip cannot be ruled out completely. Thus, ensuring your travel insurance policy has medical coverage is critical. This coverage ensures you are financially secure in case treatment must be taken outside your home country. Depending on the type of insurance plan, it may include in-patient and out-patient hospitalisation, daily cash allowance, and even cover the cost of transportation to the nearest town or your hometown. *
  • Flight Cancellation and Delay

Flight cancellation or delay is a common occurrence that a traveller experiences. While these situations are beyond your control, getting travel insurance from India helps even if you miss your connecting flight. This coverage ensures the financial loss due to an untimely cancelled flight or missing your connecting flight is made up for. Moreover, it also includes the cost of rescheduling your flight along with the accommodation and food for the interim period of delay. *
  • Loss of Passport

Your passport is a crucial document that serves as identity proof when travelling abroad. Hence, the loss of one can often lead to unnecessary hassles bringing on stress. With a travel insurance policy, you need not worry about these hassles ruining your trip. You can get assistance for all the duplicate passport formalities when you raise a claim with your insurer. *
  • Delay or Loss of luggage

After flight cancellation, delayed or lost luggage is another common problem faced during flight travel. It might so happen that your checked-in luggage might get lost or miss its connecting flight to your destination due to cargo handling issues. At such times, a travel insurance policy helps to cover the loss and provide compensation that may be required for buying the essentials that your bag otherwise included. *
  • Personal Liability Coverage

In case of an accidental injury to a third person or their property, you may be required to legally compensate them for it. At such a time, the personal liability coverage in your travel insurance policy helps pay for these liabilities that otherwise might ruin your trip’s budget. *
  • Hotel Extension

If there arises a situation where you need to extend the duration of your stay, a travel insurance policy can help take care of the cost of the extension to your hotel stay. * Keeping in mind the above benefits, a travel policy helps cover various situations such as medical emergencies, flight insurance, coverage against personal liabilities, an extension of your hotel stays, and more. When buying a travel insurance plan, make sure you compare the various available policies. This helps in zeroing down on a policy that offers the best coverage based on your requirements.   * Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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