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Travel insurance: single-trip vs. multi-trip
Mar 31, 2021

What is Comprehensive Travel Insurance?

Whether it is for business or pleasure, travelling in today’s time has become a significant part of people's lives. Unlike the old times, people now aren’t afraid of utilising their money to explore and touch new places. However, a common mistake that most people make while going on a trip is not purchasing a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance is an excellent investment that helps to cover up the costs of any financial or medical emergency occurred while you are on the trip.   People often overlook its multiple benefits and do not buy the policy just to save a few bucks. Sadly, they realise its importance when something unfortunate happens, and they end up paying double or triple the costs of travel insurance. This guide will help you explore all about comprehensive travel insurance and the things you should know before buying it. Let’s Begin!

What are the Different Types of Travel Insurance in India?

Before studying any other detail, let us first understand the types of travel insurance available in India. Check out the given table below:  
Features Medical Insurance Evacuation Insurance Accident Insurance Annual Insurance Comprehensive Insurance
What is it? It is a travel insurance policy that provides emergency medical coverage when travelling outside India. This insurance policy covers the costs of transportation required for evacuating you to the nearest hospital in the case of a medical emergency. This travel insurance plan focuses on providing protection against  accidents for frequent travellers. Annual insurance plans cover your trips for an entire year and offer multiple benefits and coverages. This is one of the most opted insurance types as it covers all aspects of your trips and is a complete insurance package.
What does it cover? ●        Medical emergencies ●        Accidents ●        Emergency evacuations ●        Repatriations ●        Medical evacuations ●        International security evacuations. ●        Accidental death ●        Dismemberment ●        Flight cancellations. ●        Medical Emergencies. ●        Loss of baggage and documents. ●        Evacuations and medical repatriation. ●        Lost or stolen baggage ●        Delays in flights ●        Flight cancellations ●        Medical emergencies ●        Natural disasters ●        Dental emergencies
It is ideal for? ●        People going for business trips abroad ●        Students studying outside India ●        People visiting abroad for vacations ●        Foreign travellers. ●        People visiting remote locations. ●        People going to expensive western countries. ●        Frequent travellers ●        Business travellers ●        Multi-trip travellers ●        People going on a single trip. ●        Family trips. ●        Domestic or international travel.

What is Comprehensive Travel Insurance?

Now that we are familiar with travel insurance types let us study more vividly, what is comprehensive travel insurance?   Comprehensive travel insurance can be considered a full package policy as it offers the highest level of covers one can buy. Anyone can buy this policy, and it is typically offered for single-trip travel.

Things it covers:

Here’s a list of what is covered by travel insurance comprehensive policy:  
  • Medical Expenses: The plan will cover the costs of hospital stays, dental or other surgery, prescription drugs, etc. if you fall sick overseas.
  • Cancellations: If your trip gets cancelled due to accident, illness, natural disaster, or any other unforeseen circumstance, you may get a specified percentage of your flight ticket costs.
  • Personal Liability: The travel insurance provides you protection for costs incurred in the event of damage to property or injury caused by you to other people.
  • Lost or Damaged Luggage Costs: The policy reimburses you the costs of personal items in your baggage if it gets stolen, misplaced, or damaged during your travel.
  • Family Emergencies: The insurance plan covers the travelling expenses in case your family member travelling with you gets injured, ill or dies. Plans such as travel insurance for senior citizens also provide specific inclusions catering to the needs of the elderly.
  • Additional Cover for Flight Delays: In case your flight gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, your accommodations and meals will be covered under the policy.

Things it does not cover:

Following are some of the exclusions of your comprehensive travel insurance:  
  • Pre-Existing Illnesses: Your travel policy will not cover for the diseases and medical conditions that exist before you travel.
  • Self-Inflicted Injuries: In case you are being reckless and injure yourself while doing some inappropriate activity, the insurance plan won’t cover the medical expenses.
  • High-Risk Activities: Being adventurous and trying out different sports activities is what we all usually do on our vacation trips. Unfortunately, the travel insurance plans won’t cover the costs of injuries inflicted due to such activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can you buy comprehensive travel insurance after buying flight tickets?
Yes, you can purchase travel insurance after booking your flight tickets.  
  1. Will it affect my future premiums if I claim for travel insurance?
Travel insurance works differently from a car or home insurance, and any claims made do not affect the policy's premiums.  
  1. Where can I buy comprehensive travel insurance?
There are several insurance companies from where you can buy travel insurance such as Bajaj Allianz, InsureMyTrip, Travelex, etc.

Wrapping Up

What is comprehensive travel insurance should not remain a question any more after studying all the above-given information. This travel policy is extremely supportive and beneficial for people who are going to a far location and want to enjoy an interruption-free trip. So whenever you travel next time, ensure to buy this policy and stay protected from any uninvited circumstances.

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