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travel insurance for natural disasters abroad is essential
Sep 17, 2022

Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance for Your Honeymoon

Imagine a scenario where all your wedding preparations are done, right from the location, to the food arrangements and even your honeymoon destination. Just as you are about to leave for your trip, the unthinkable happens — like a family member falling sick, urgent work commitments, or social disruptions at the place where you are visiting — and you need to cancel your travel plans at the very last moment. That is surely a bummer! While you may have overspent on your wedding preparations, there is one thing you must avoid doing — leave no room for a travel insurance plan for your honeymoon. A travel policy will surely not benefit the many people that will turn up at your wedding or be as dazzling as your designer wedding dress or even make memories, but it can help avoid a financial setback if something goes amiss. Here are some reasons why you should not overlook the importance of buying a travel insurance plan for your honeymoon:

- Insurance Coverage for Trip Delays

With a travel insurance plan, you can insure your honeymoon’s travel in case of any unexpected delays. These delays are generally due to weather, transportation issues, or even natural emergencies. Insurance coverage for trip delays will help to reimburse the cost of travel in the event you miss a flight or a part of your trip’s itinerary or even a delay in reaching your destination. *

- Coverage for Trip Cancellation

For someone whose wedding date coincided with lockdowns during the pandemic, an unfortunate event like the cancellation of your honeymoon trip may be required. During these times, a travel insurance plan provides compensation based on the reason. *

- Trip Interruption Coverage

Another situation that can come up as an unpredictable incident, is the interruption in your trip. For any reason that you may wish to return, the trip interruption coverage of a travel insurance policy can provide compensation. This coverage also extends to some of the non-refundable deposits of activities that shall be missed due to an unfortunate cancellation. *

- Medical Coverage During Travels

Imagine a situation where either you or your spouse fall sick with all the sumptuous foods that you enjoy and need more than a doctor’s visit. In these situations too, your travel insurance plan protects the medical costs that may be incurred. Moreover, the treatments are steep in foreign countries and the backup of an international travel insurance policy comes in handy. *

- Loss of Baggage

Of the commonly heard hassles of hopping onto flights, baggage loss is one of them. Many times, you may find that your luggage hasn’t arrived at the destination and it may either be left at a transit airport or even get lost. In these situations, airlines provide compensation. In addition, your international as well as domestic travel insurance policy provides compensation over and above that provided by the airline helping compensate for the loss of your baggage. *

- Loss of Documents

While you are enjoying your honeymoon, if you end up losing your important documents (like the passport), a travel insurance cover can assist in securing a duplicate passport as well as getting a reimbursement for the necessary costs. * *Standard T&C apply While planning for your wedding and the honeymoon, things can get exhausting, but do not let that be a reason for skipping the securing of your trip with a travel insurance plan.   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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