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Why You Should Travel to Zimbabwe?
Jun 2, 2021

International Travel: Here is One More Reason for Indians to Visit Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is an African country located in southern Africa. Harare is the capital city of this landlocked country. This country is famous for its varied geography with central plateau and eastern highlands being the most recognized regions. Along with its sundry landscape, Zimbabwe is also famous for its diversified wildlife, exceptional natural beauty, spectacular waterfalls, long stretches of savannah, miombo woodlands and innumerable bird & fish species. Best time to visit Zimbabwe is during April, May, August and September. Indians have a more special reason to visit Zimbabwe as this African country accepts the Indian currency for all sorts of official transactions. Along with 7 other countries, Zimbabwe circulates and validates the use of Indian rupee in the country. Tourists usually visit this country for the following attractions:
  • Victoria Falls – Victoria Falls are one of the seven wonders of the world. These roaring waterfalls gushing out from the black rocks are major tourist attractions in Zimbabwe. People travel miles to adore the beautiful sight of the humongous water splashing and making deafening sound giving the most dramatic view of the amazing terrain of Zimbabwe.
  • Safaris – Being home to the incredible flora and fauna, Zimbabwe is a delight for people who like excursions. It is a host to numerous wildlife-rich national parks such as Hwange national park, Mana pools national park etc. Elephants, buffaloes, lions, wild dogs, leopard, kudu, zebra, impala, waterbuck, hippos and crocodiles are found in large numbers all year round in the forests and the regions near river in Zimbabwe.
  • Adventure Camps – The Zambezi river flowing along the northern frontier of Zimbabwe offers spectacular scenery to tourists from all over the world. Wildlife viewing, enjoying the serene beauty of Victoria falls and exploring the remnants of ancient civilization are some major crowd-pleasers in Zimbabwe adventure camps.
  • Kariba Lake – This is the world’s largest man-made lake and as quoted by many is a nature lover’s dream. The construction of dam on the Zambezi river led to the formation of this lake, which has now become one of the most iconic tourists spot in Zimbabwe.
Now Indians can have a memorable trip and enjoy their Zimbabwean vacation to these amazing places without having to worry about currency exchange and carrying traveller's cheque. So what are you guys waiting for? Get ready and pack your bags to fly to Zimbabwe. While making your travel plans, we recommend that you also opt for an appropriate travel insurance plan, which can further ensure that you relish a hassle-free and plain sailing trip. Don't forget to compare travel insurance before buying it!

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