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Emergency Cash Assistance Services in Travel Insurance
Nov 17, 2023

Emergency Cash Assistance Services in Travel Insurance: Your Financial Lifeline

Travelling overseas can be an exciting experience. However, no matter how much you plan or research, there is no predicting when an unfortunate event will occur and jinx your trip. You may lose your wallet, or it may get stolen, leading to financial difficulties for you. If such events do occur, you have two options: allow the event to ruin your trip and go back home or, have a backup plan which can help you access emergency cash so that you can continue your trip. Buying the right travel insurance policy can prove to be your ‘Plan B’. With this feature of emergency cash assistance services, a travel insurance plan can come to your rescue by providing assistance in arranging for cash to be sent via different sources. Let’s see how this works in detail.

How Do Emergency Assistance Services Work?

Before we get to what is covered by emergency assistance services, let’s take a look at how such a service works.
  1. When you buy a travel medical insurance plan, you get coverage against different kinds of risks and dangers that can occur during travelling. Travel insurance plans also offer assistance of different kinds to help the insured have a smoother trip. One of these assistance aspects is the emergency cash assistance service.
  2. The events and situations under which the emergency cash assistance service may be provided may vary across plans. In most cases, it considers the loss of money or other essential items such as luggage. *
  3. If you are caught in such a situation and require financial support from a relative during your travels, then you must inform the insurance company about it.
  4. The insurance company shall connect and co-ordinate with your relatives back home and assist in transferring the money to you.**
  5. The money may be sent by the insurance company via different sources, such as credit cards, banks, money transfer companies, consulates, and so on.
**The transfer charges will be applied and automatically deducted from the transaction amount.  Now, let’s see the extent of services provided under this travel insurance coverage section.

 When Can You Access Emergency Assistance Services?

You can reach out to Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company or a representative if you face the following situations during your travels:

Loss of money

When you are travelling, it is quite natural to have a fixed budget so as to avoid going overboard. While this is a good habit, a fixed budget can cause a hindrance if you lose some money, or it gets stolen in an unfortunate situation. In such a case, you should contact your insurer and let them know that you need assistance in regard to cash. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under travel insurance policy. The insurer shall take stock of the situation and then let your near and dear ones know of it so that they can arrange for cash for you. *

Loss of check-in luggage

It is likely that your luggage will contain more than just your clothes. It may have documents and items that may allow you to ensure cash flow for the duration of the trip. Hence, if your luggage were to be lost, you may have to face financial difficulties, too. This situation could be improved if a loved one back home sent cash to you to help out. By contacting your insurance representative, you can convey your situation to your loved ones and they will be able to help you out financially. *

Things To Know Before You Opt for Emergency Assistance Services

The emergency cash assistance services clause in travel insurance comes with terms and conditions, which are as follows:
  1. If you have lost an essential item or it has been stolen and you are raising a claim for this clause, it is important to have a police report at hand.
  2. File a police complaint at the local police station which the destination falls under. For instance, if you are in Singapore City, file a complaint at the Singapore city police station.
  3. Ensure to have a copy of the same and provide it when filing a claim. In the above example, you will need to raise a claim under your travel insurance for Singapore.
  4. Some insurance companies may have a time limit within which you should inform the insurer about the emergency.
  5. Note that emergency cash assistance service is not considered an insurance benefit. It is an assistance service which is eligible only under terms and conditions.
  6. Not all emergency events may be covered under the emergency assistance service. Hence, read the inclusions and exclusions of the policy carefully, including the exclusions for the specific section.
Having a backup plan for emergencies can not only help you financially but also provide peace of mind. This, in turn, can help you enjoy your travels even more. So, ensure to have a travel medical insurance plan in place so that your travels continue uninterrupted.

Does Travel Insurance Include Financial Losses?

While most travellers understand the significance of buying international travel insurance, not many consider what the plan may or may not offer. No matter what part of the world you are in, mugging, thievery, and pickpocketing are common. If you get caught in such a situation, you will require some financial aid. Therefore, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company provides assistance with paid transfer services to help manage situations where monetary support is essential.

Terms and Conditions for Financial Emergency Cash Covers

Every policy benefit comes with specific terms and conditions. This emergency travel insurance with the financial emergency feature is no different. Hence, the following are a few rules to remember for coverage of emergency cash advances:
  1. Immediately report and claim your lost funds while still on the trip. You cannot avail yourself of this facility after your vacation is over.
  2. Upon learning about the loss of your money, contact and inform the police or local authorities without delay.
  3. The claim process will require you to get an FIR or written report within the last 24 hours of the occurrence.
  4. You must quickly report to the issuing body if your losses include cheques.
  5. The financial assistance is not for a shortage of money due to currency fluctuation, lack of funds, etc.
  6. You cannot claim it if you fail to report the incident within the last 24 hours.

How to Avoid such situations when Travelling?

While international travel insurance with emergency cash coverage is essential, you must take a few precautions to prevent the chances of such happenings:
  1. Store your belongings safely, and don't flash your items, which may attract thieves or pickpockets.
  2. Use a cut-proof bag to avoid pickpocketing when traveling in crowded places.
  3. Do not put belongings in your back pocket to make a thief's work easier.
  4. Ensure to use hidden pockets to keep your cash safe and discreet.
  5. Keep the documents and money in separate places to access some funds or documents. Also, save soft copies of your paperwork on the phone.
  6. Use a money pack fastened around your waist to keep your money safe. Also, lock your larger bags to secure them.


Travel insurance, including coverage for financial losses and emergency cash, is crucial for any trip abroad. However, understanding the terms and conditions and taking preventive measures can further safeguard your finances and belongings during your travels.


Is travel insurance cashless?

Yes, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company offers cashless services for medical emergencies, where the insurer settles the medical bills directly with the hospital or healthcare provider. However, this may vary depending on the policy and the insurance provider.

What does travel insurance not cover?

Travel insurance typically does not cover pre-existing medical conditions, high-risk activities like extreme sports, non-emergency medical treatments, and losses due to reckless behavior or illegal activities. It's essential to carefully read the policy documents to understand the exclusions.   *Standard T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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