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Sep 12, 2016

5 Key Features of Travel Insurance You Must Know

Travel has become a very important part of our lives. Whether it is for pleasure, business or for your dream education, people have been travelling to like never before! This has led to not only a rise in number of travellers but also in the number of travel related risks like loss of baggage by the airlines or falling sick. It is therefore very important to know everything about your travel insurance in case you are stuck in some unforeseen situations in a foreign land.

Take a look at these 5 key features of travel insurance and save yourself from confusion at the time of emergency. Your travel insurance should:

1.Cover You For All the Medical Emergencies

Unfortunate events can happen anytime and the possibility of it being health related is more. Imagine being stranded with your family in a foreign land in such a situation. Make sure you take a wide coverage which takes care of your in-patient and out-patient medical expenses.

2.Cover against loss of Checked Baggage and Loss of Passport

Imagine the plight of a person who lands in a completely new place only to find out that his baggage has been lost or that of a person who lost his passport while exploring places. You certainly do not want to be stuck in this situation! Make sure you get a travel insurance plan which provides you with coverage for these things

3.Cover You Against Personal Accident

 It is important to ensure that your travel insurance covers you against bodily injury or death caused due to accidents.

4.Covers You For Trip Cancellation and Curtailment

Imagine a situation where a family member suddenly falls ill. While your travel arrangements are made, you certainly cannot travel. Ensure that the travel insurance you opt for covers you for such last minute trip curtailment or  cancellations

5.Covers You Against a Burglary While You Are Away

Home burglary happens mostly when no one is at home. Opting for a plan  which covers you for a burglary at your home while you’re away is a wise decision.

For all those planning to travel soon, ensure that you keep these factors in mind. Compare travel insurance here and select the best travel insurance plans available!

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