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Jan 22, 2022

06 Reasons to Why Your Travel Insurance Claim Might Get Rejected

COVID-19 and the recurring waves have somewhere made free traveling a thing of the past. With various travel restrictions and advisories in place, we are hopeful that things will get better in the coming days. We have been through almost three waves of the global pandemic. Today, to say the least, is that we are somewhere much informed and prepared. The airports are bustling once again. Now people are following the social distancing protocol, armed with masks, using sanitizer from time to time, wearing gloves, etc. These are some of the key precautionary measures that have to be followed in the long run. Apart from these, you need to have a travel insurance policy in place and avoid getting into any travel hassle or worries. 2020 was a year when the travel sector stood still in mobility. Now, it has gradually started picking the pace depending upon the caseload. Yet, we cannot deny the fear of contracting COVID-19. Hence, besides having travel insurance in place, it is also important to understand its inclusions and exclusions.

06 Reasons for Travel Insurance Claim Rejection

The times we are living in are tough considering the pandemic. Yet, another dreadful situation could be travel insurance claim rejection. Let us understand some of the situations that may lead to the rejection of travel insurance claims:

1.     Provide Correct Information

When buying travel insurance online, provide all the information correctly. During a claim, if any information is found to be untrue it could lead to claim rejection. Paperwork is one of the most important aspects when buying the plan. Fill out the details as it is in the original documents to provide future hassles.

2.     Cancelation of Trip Due to Personal Reason

In case the trip is canceled because of a reason not listed in the travel insurance policy document, any claim will be rejected. So, when buying the plan ensure to properly understand the travel insurance coverage in depth. Some of the reasons that are mostly accepted for trip cancelation are natural disasters, the demise of a family member, medical emergency, etc. Besides, if the flight gets canceled, then the travel insurance claim will be duly accepted.

3.     Traveling Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

If you are traveling to a destination wherein the government has placed any guidelines or restrictions concerning COVID-19, then also claims will not be accepted. Also, if the borders of the planned destination get closed for the visitors after reaching, the travel insurance will not cover it. So, when planning a trip, do not forget to have a look at the pandemic regulations of the destination you intend to travel to. In case a COVID restriction comes in just before you begin with the trip, then a travel cancelation claim will be accepted.

4.     Undeclared Medical Health Condition

Any claim filed for a medical condition that was earlier not disclosed before buying the travel insurance policy, such claim will be rejected by the insurer. Ensure to give all correct information to the insurer while buying the plan. Most of the insurers do not provide a cover for adventure-related activities. So if you fall sick because of adventure activity, the claim is likely to get rejected.

5.     Missing of the Bills

While filing a claim, the substantial proof is to be attached and submitted. These proofs could be tickets, associated paperwork, bills, and much more. In case you incurred medical treatment in a foreign country, ensure to keep all the bills and papers related to it handy. When filing the claim, provide all the important evidence ensuring hassle-free claim settlement.

6.     Know the New Rules

Every year the insurance companies revise certain terms and conditions. If you are buying travel insurance from one particular insurer almost every time, read the rules carefully. There is a possibility that due to any mentioned terms and conditions, which you are not aware of the claim may get rejected later compare travel insurance plans and make a wise choice.

Wrapping It Up

Carefully check the inclusions and exclusions offered in the travel insurance policy document. Choose the right travel insurance plan and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Being aware can prevent you from learning about the policy the harder way. Be mindful beforehand to avoid claim rejection. Happy Traveling!

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