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Essentials For Pet Insurance
Feb 23, 2024

Guardians of Fur: Demystifying the Essentials of Pet Insurance

Our pets provide us with lots of love and care. Sometimes, we may not understand their ways, yet their love for us is evident in their actions. Whether it is a dog wagging its tail when you come back from work, or a cat cuddling you when you are feeling down, our pets have their own ways of showing us they care. Similarly, we must do our bit in letting our pets know how much we love them. Buying a Pet Insurance policy can be an ideal way to do that. In case you need to become more familiar with pet insurance, read on.

Basics of Pet Insurance and Coverage

Pet insurance provides financial protection to pet owners against unfortunate events involving their pet. A pet insurance plan will cover different types of events. So, if any of the insured events occur, the owner gets financial compensation to deal with the expenses for the same. Some covers offered by pet insurance from Bajaj Allianz General Insurance include-*

Surgery expenses

If your dog has to undergo surgery as a result of an illness or an accident, the pet insurance policy will cover the costs for the same. Additionally, certain pre-surgery and post-surgery related costs will also be covered if a claim for surgery has already been accepted.

Hospitalisation expenses

In case your dog has to be hospitalised due to illnesses or other events, the pet insurance plan will come to the rescue. It will take care of the hospitalisation expenses up to the sub-limit chosen by you.

Terminal illness cover

If you have Pet dog insurance, you can claim compensation in case your dog is diagnosed with a terminal illness (as mentioned in the policy). This compensation can help ensure that your beloved pet receives the care they need during such difficult times.

Long-term care cover

Similar to terminal illnesses, there are certain illnesses that require long-term care if a pet is diagnosed with them. The financial aspect of such long-term care becomes easier to deal with the help of a pet insurance plan.

OPD or Out-Patient Department cover

Treatments for diseases that do not require hospitalisation can be quite expensive as well. Pet insurance providers understand this and hence, a pet insurance plan will also cover OPD expenses for their treatment.

Third-party liability

Pets are playful, and sometimes their play can lead to financial liabilities for you. They may not have any wrong intentions, yet they may end up harming someone else. In case a situation occurs where you have to make payments to a third party due to the harm caused by your pet, you can turn to your pet insurance plan for assistance. Along with the above, insurance for pets in India also provides theft/lost/straying cover, mortality cover, and more. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under pet insurance policy.

Eligibility Criteria and Documentation for Pet Insurance

Dogs and cats who are at least 90 days old are eligible for pet insurance. Usually, pets of indigenous origin, crossbreeds, and exotic breeds are covered. Here is a table with more information on the eligibility criteria- *  
Type Breed Type Entry Age Exit Age
Pet Dog Small 3 months to 7 years 10 years
Giant 3 months to 4 years 6 years
Pet Cat All Breeds 3 months to 7 years 12 years
  Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under pet insurance policy. If your dog/cat meets the eligibility criteria for obtaining a pet cover, you can go ahead with buying it. In the process, you will also need certain documents -
  1. Completed pet insurance proposal form.
  2. Diagnostic test results, if the customer opts for PIN cover, which will come into effect the following day.
  3. Information about the unique characteristics of the pet to help in their identification.
  4. A self-declaration by the policyholder regarding the insured pet's timely vaccinations.
  5. A proof of purchase if the sum insured exceeds the maximum price based on the chosen pricing matrix.
  6. A pedigree certificate for customers wanting to insure a pet with pedigree lineage.

Additional Points to Know about Pet Insurance

Here are some more things you should know about pet insurance -
  1. The entry or exit age of the pet may be relaxed in some cases, depending on the health condition of the pet.
  2. Similarly, some documentation requirements may also be reduced, as per the type of pet covered.
  3. The premium of insurance for pets in India may depend on various factors, mainly the type of breed, size of the breed, age of the pet, whether the pet is commercial or not, and so on.*
  4. All coverages in a pet insurance plan are subject to special/general exclusions specified in the policy brochure, as well as chosen sub-limits.
Return your pet the love and care they give you with a pet insurance policy today.   *Standard T&C apply. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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