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Apr 1, 2021

What is PUC in Bikes?

Air pollution is one of the primary concerns of the country today. And the government is taking every action to control it. One of those many actions initiated by the government in controlling air pollution is keeping vehicular pollution within limits. With the boost in the number of vehicles on Indian roads, it has become imperative to keep a check on pollution.   This is the reason why the ministry of transport made the PUC certificate mandatory for drivers as per the Central Motor Vehicle Act Motor Vehicle Act, 1989. So, what is PUC in bike or car or any other vehicle? What is its importance? There are many questions to answer. Let’s just dig in and find out!  

What is PUC?

PUC is expanded as Pollution Under Control, which is a certificate issued to each vehicle owner after testing the emissions levels of the vehicle. The certificate delivers the information about the emissions generated by the vehicles and if they are within the stipulated limits.   The testing of these emission levels is done at authorized centres mostly located at petrol pumps across the country. The PUC certificate just like bike insurance, registration, etc. is necessary to carry at all times.   The PUC certificate contains the following information:  
  • Registration number of the car, bike or any other vehicle.
  • Test validity period
  • The serial number of the PUC
  • Date of emission test done
  • Emission readings of the vehicle

Is PUC necessary for me?

Yes, the PUC certificate is equally essential for you to carry as is your driving license, insurance and registration. Here is why it is necessary:  
  1. It is mandatory as per the law: The PUC certificate is essential to carry if you are a frequent driver. Not only for the sake of documentation but because it is mandatory as per the Indian Law.
  A friend of mine Gaurav was given a traffic ticket though he didn’t break any rule. Why? When inspected, he was not carrying a valid PUC certificate. This led him to pay a fine of Rs. 1000. To avoid paying this hefty fine, you need to have a PUC certificate.  
  1. It promotes pollution control: The second reason to carry a PUC certificate is that it will help in saving the environment. By keeping your vehicle’s emission levels within permissible limits, you will help in reducing pollution and thus saving the environment.
  1. It keeps you aware of your vehicle health: Another necessity of having a PUC certificate is that it keeps you informed about your vehicle’s health. Thus, preventing any future damage that may incur heavy fines.
  1. It prevents penalties: As per the new regulations, you can be charged with a fine of Rs 1000 if you are not carrying a PUC certificate. This can be even Rs 2000 on a repeated instance. To avoid these penalties, having a PUC certificate is necessary.

What are the stipulated pollution norms for vehicles in India?

Vehicles are of various types such as a car, bike, auto, and more. Moreover, the stipulated pollution norms also vary based on the type of fuel. Take a look at the acceptable pollution levels.  

What is PUC in bike and 3-wheelers?

Here are the stipulated pollution levels for a bike and a 3-wheeler:  
Vehicle Hydrocarbon (parts per million) Carbon Mono-Oxide (CO)
Bike or 3-wheeler manufactured before or on 31 March 2000 (2 or 4 stroke) 4.5% 9000
Bike or 3-wheeler manufactured before after 31 March 2000 (2 stroke) 3.5% 6000
Bike or 3-wheeler manufactured after 31 March 2000 (4 stroke) 3.5% 4500

Pollution levels for Petrol Cars

Vehicle HydroCarbon (parts per million) Carbon Mono-Oxide (CO)
4-wheelers manufactured as per Bharat Stage 2 norms 3% 1500
4-wheelers manufactured as per Bharat Stage 3 norms 0.5% 750

Permissible Pollution levels for CNG/LPG/Petrol vehicles (Bharat Stage 4)

Vehicle HydroCarbon (parts per million) Carbon Mono-Oxide (CO)
CNG/LPG 4-Wheelers manufactured as per Bharat Stage 4 norms 0.3% 200
Petrol 4-Wheelers manufactured as Bharat Stage 4 norms 0.3% 200

What is the validity period of a PUC certificate?

Whenever you purchase a new vehicle, the dealer provides you the PUC certificate which is valid for one year.   Post that, when a year is complete, you need to go to an authorized emission testing centre to get your Vehicle Checked and get a new PUC certificate, the validity of this certificate is six months. So, it needs to be renewed every six months.  

How to get a PUC certificate?

Here are some simple steps to get it:  
  • First off, you need to find an authorized centre. You can either go to a petrol pump and check if it has a pollution check centre. Other than this, you can look for a licensed RTO approved PUC centre on the Parivahan platform online.
  • After locating the nearest PUC centre, drive your vehicle there, and the personnel will insert the emission testing tube into the exhaust pipe of your vehicle. It will provide the emission levels of your vehicle.
  • Post that; he will draft a certificate for you that will be generated electronically. It will contain the emission levels of your vehicle.

How much will it cost me?

As compared to bike insurance and other documents, the price of a PUC certificate is relatively low. A PUC certificate will cost you around Rs 50-100.  


  1. Can I get a PUC online?
Yes, you can get a PUC online only after it has been issued. You need to get your vehicle checked at an authorized centre first then only you can download the PUC online from Parivahan website.  
  1. Is a PUC certificate required for a new bike?
Yes, just like bike insurance, a PUC certificate is also required for a new bike. However, you don’t have to visit any authorized PUC centre for that. It will be provided by the dealer itself valid for 1 year.  
  1. Who needs a PUC certificate?
The Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 suggest that every vehicle is required to have a PUC certificate. These include vehicles conforming to Bharat Stage 1/Bharat Stage 2/Bharat Stage 3/Bharat Stage 4 vehicles and those running on LPG/CNG.  
  1. Can I download a PUC certificate in Digilocker?
Yes, along with all the other vehicle documents, you can also include the PUC in DigiLocker app.

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