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What is Engine Protector in Car Insurance?
Mar 31, 2021

What is Engine Protector Cover in Car Insurance?

Having a car is no more a luxury especially in a country like India where you can get a car in every price range. People of every class can afford a car as per their needs in a given price range. Also, increasing competition is driving manufacturers to reduce costs and offer their products at the least possible prices which even means curtailing their profit margins. A significant share of revenue of the car companies comes from the replacement of parts. The replacement may cost high in case any damage is suffered by the vehicle. Most importantly of all is the engine. Without an engine, a car cannot function. Apart from that, any damage to the engine can cost you high enough to give nightmares. Hence it is safe to get it covered in your insurance. Why is the need for engine protection cover? If you buy the comprehensive car insurance online or offline, it specifically states that in case of any damages caused to the engine, the policy shall not cover it and you yourself shall be held responsible for paying the same. If you ever have to face this unpleasant situation, you will know that it can hit hard on your pocket as the engine and its parts cost a lot. Let’s understand this better with an example: You are someone who lives in eastern states in India which experiences floods every year from the mighty Brahmaputra river. Now you know that you cannot take your car out, it may be possible that the water has entered your car and has also damaged the engine. If you take out your car to the insurance people assuming you have comprehensive car insurance online through some trusted sources, they will simply not pass the claim on the basis that the policy specifically states that any damage to the engine shall not be covered. So in spite of paying the premium and having an insurance policy, it will be of no use to you. What is engine protector in car insurance? Protection on the financial risk associated with certain engine damages like leakage in lubricating oil, water ingression, hydrostatic lock, physical damages to gearbox, pistons, connecting rods, and such other engine-related problems is what engine protector cover in car insurance is about. After knowing what is engine protection cover in car insurance and that it is not covered under a general comprehensive car insurance policy, it is advisable to have it covered depending on your need as it is not only an important component but costly too. What are the exclusions to claiming an amount under-engine protection cover?
  • Force starting the engine when the car is submerged in water
  • Damages consequential to an accident
  • Damages due to normal wear and tear
  • If the damage is caused when the driver was under influence of alcohol
  • If the driver doesn’t hold a valid driving license
  • The cost of lubricants
Limitations of engine protection cover Limited claims The number of claims that can be made in a policy year is always limited. Though the number differs, it is generally restricted to two. It is advisable to know all details about how to claim car insurance for a quick & hassle-free process when required. Age limit on car The add-on of engine protection cover is available only to the cars having age up to five years. For whom is the cover of engine protection ideal? The engine protection cover is ideal for
  • People living in flood-prone areas
  • If you have an expensive car
  • If you have a new car and want to have it all protected
What is the effect on the annual insurance premium amount? As you are opting for a cover that comes in addition to the regular policy, you will have to pay an additional amount in your premium every year. However, the amount of increase in annual premium is way lesser than the amount you may have to incur in case you suffer from any engine damages. FAQs: How can you opt for engine protector cover in your car insurance policy? Engine protector cover is available as an add-on cover that you can opt for while buying a policy or during car insurance renewal. Is any amount of damage covered in car engine protection cover paid by insurance companies? Any amount of damage to the covered factors in engine protection is paid by the car insurance company provided it is within your sum insured. “My area has the problem of waterlogging in the monsoon. My car was parked where water was logged and on providing ignition, water entered the engine and the ignition is now damaged. I am aware of what is engine protection cover in car insurance and I have opted for this add-on. What is the implication for making the claim?” asks Veer In case you force-start a car when your car is in water and water enters the engine, this is treated as an intentional act and you will not be eligible to make a claim.

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