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Mumbai traffic fines: know your penalties
Mar 30, 2023

Mumbai Traffic Fines: An In-depth Guide

If you have been driving in Mumbai, you may know that the city is densely packed with people as well as vehicles. In such a city, it is immensely crucial to follow traffic rules. It should be one’s goal to ensure that they are following all rules and regulations to ensure their safety as well as the safety of others. You should also know about traffic violations and the corresponding Mumbai traffic fine for the same.

Mumbai Traffic Violations & Fines

Ideally, your intention should be to drive as a responsible citizen and driver, while fully committing to the traffic rules in Mumbai. However, if you were to ever face any situation where you commit a violation, you should be aware of what you may have to pay as fine. For example, if you were to accidentally jump a signal and were found to be guilty of the same, you should be aware of the signal jumping fine in Mumbai. Some of the other offences that one ought to be aware of is wrong way driving and driving without licence. Wrong way fine in Mumbai might be similar to what it is in several other cities of the country. Similarly, driving without licence fine in Mumbai may be the same as it is in another major city of the country. However, when driving in Mumbai, it is best to know the traffic fine structure in Mumbai.
Offence Fine (in Rs.) Repeat Offence Fine (in Rs.)
Underage driving (driver without a valid licence under the age of 16) 5000 5000
Driving with a disqualified licence 10000 10000
Owner driving the vehicle without valid registration 2000 5000
Driving without a valid driving licence 5000 5000
Owner driving without a valid vehicle insurance policy 2000 4000
Driving without the ‘L’ sign when required to have the same 5001 1500
Number plate not as per rules (modified numbers to form letters, wrong colours, etc.) 1000 1000
Rider without helmet (two-wheeler) 500 500
Pillion without helmet (two-wheeler) 500 500
In car without a seatbelt 500 1500
Entering one way from the wrong end 500 1500
More than the permitted limit of people riding on a two-wheeler (triple-seat or more) 1000 1000
Obstruction to the driver 500 1500
Travelling on the outside of the vehicle 500 1500
Disobedience of compulsory traffic signs 500 1500
Driving when mentally or physically unfit to do the same 1000 2000
Driving without proper lights after sunset 500 1500
Driving without parking lights 500 1500
Using horn repeatedly in a silence zone/no honking area 1000 2000
Multi-toned horns or shrill/harsh/loud horns 500 1500
Violation of signal manually issued by police 500 1500
Violation of a police stop 500 1500
Speeding or racing illegally 5000 10000
Speeding / Violation of speed limit (two- or three-wheeler) 1000 1000
Black film on glass or tinted glass 500 1500
Lack of side mirror 500 1500
Video player or TV on dashboard 500 1500
Defective tyres / tyres in bad condition 500 1500
Lack of wiper 500 1500
Excess passengers 200 per extra passenger 200 per extra passenger
Drunk driving Non-compoundable (court) Non-compoundable (court)
Driving on the footpath or cycle track (without permission) 500 1500
Vehicle parked in a ‘No Parking’ area Non-compoundable (court) Non-compoundable (court)
Parking the vehicle near the entry of a hospital, bus stop, or at educational institution or parking in a manner that is blocking a traffic sign Non-compoundable (court) Non-compoundable (court)
Lack of an indicator / Driving without it 500 1500
Driving with a partially or fully hidden number plate 500 1500
Parking or driving on public road without number plate on the car 500 1500
  If you are caught violating any of the traffic rules in Mumbai, e-challan is probably how you will be required to pay your fine. You can do so online. For example, if you are issued an e-challan in Mumbai for a parking violation, you can pay your no-parking fine in Mumbai via the traffic police website or app.

Documents to Carry

Carrying the right set of documents when you own, or are driving a car, is extremely important. The first of these documents is a driving licence. The next is the registration certificate of your vehicle. These two documents are permanent in their validity, i.e., you may not need to renew them frequently. However, documents like PUC certificate and car insurance need regular renewal. Thus, ensure that you have valid versions of both these documents at all times. While PUC certificate have to be revised offline, car insurance can be renewed online as well. On the other hand, if you have a two-wheeler, you will require to have a PUC along with valid bike insurance. Third-party liability coverage is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. However, you may find buying a comprehensive bike insurance to be more suitable. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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