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traffic fines in Kerala
Mar 30, 2023

All You Need to Know About Traffic Fines in Kerala

Kerala is an Indian state with unmatched beauty and mesmerising scenic locations. In recent years, many Indians have been preferring going to Kerala for vacations instead of going abroad. Even foreigners have been flocking to the state to explore and take in its beauty. Taking this sudden tourist boom into consideration, the Kerala state government refined the penalties related to road and traffic violations. This also includes violations related to vehicle insurance. Let’s see what the new fines are when you are driving in Kerala.

Updated fines: Why and When?

Recently, India has witnessed a meteoric rise in the number of vehicles being purchased. This includes both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. Due to the increase in the number of vehicles on-road, there has also been an increase in the number of on-road accidents taking place. These accidents cause damage to public and private property; they also lead to injuries and deaths. Keeping this in mind, in 2019, the Indian government added various changes to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. One of the amendments was to change the existing fines prescribed in the Act. Once the amendment was passed, the changes were ratified and implemented across the whole country, including Kerala. This meant drivers in Kerala had to abide by the new penalties declared by the government.

New Traffic Fines for Kerala

After the amendments had been introduced, the Kerala state government brought changes of its own on 24th October 2019. They reduced some of the penalties to provide relief to the citizens. Here are some of the updated Kerala traffic fines:
  1. Driving without license

If you are found driving or riding a vehicle without a valid license, you will be fined Rs.5000 as per the traffic rules in Kerala.
  1. Driving without insurance

If you are driving a vehicle, such as a car, and are found to be driving without a car insurance policy, you will be fined Rs.2000. You might also face 3 months of imprisonment. If you are found repeating the offence, the fine will increase to Rs.4000 with the duration of imprisonment remaining the same.
  1. Driving under the influence

If you are found to be driving your vehicle under the influence of alcohol or banned substances, the offence carries a fine of Rs.10,000. Additionally, you might face a prison sentence of 6 months. If you are found to be repeating the offence, the fine increases to Rs.15,000 and it carries a prison sentence of 2 years.
  1. Using a phone while driving

If you use your phone, either to talk on a call, text or record a video while driving your vehicle, you could be fined Rs.2000.
  1. Blocking free passage of emergency vehicles

If you are found to be blocking the free passage being given to emergency vehicles such as a fire brigade truck or an ambulance, you could get fined Rs.5000.

Some Additional Fines in Kerala

Here is a list of additional Kerala motor vehicle fines:
Type of offence Vehicle Fine in Rs
Not wearing a seatbelt   Car 500
Not wearing a helmet   Bike/Scooter 500
Driving beyond the legal speed limit   Car 1500
Speeding or racing while driving   Four- and Two-wheeler 5000
Using a vehicle while being physically or mentally unfit Four- and Two-wheeler 1000 for first offence   2000 for repeat offences
Driving despite being disqualified from driving   Four- and Two-wheeler 10,000
Driving with an expired license   Four- and Two-wheeler 5000
Blocking the road   Four- and Two-wheeler 500
Allowing a minor to drive the vehicle   Four- and Two-wheeler 25,000
Driving an unregistered vehicle   Four- and Two-wheeler 2000
Parking in a no-parking zone Four- and Two-wheeler 500 for first offence   1500 for repeat offences
Driving a vehicle without a number plate   Four- and Two-wheeler 500 for first offence   1500 for repeat offences
Breaking the traffic signal Four- and Two-wheeler 500 for first offence   1500 for repeat offences
Using the vehicle to transport combustible substances   Four- and Two-wheeler 10,000
Not registering the vehicle in another state for more than 1 year   Four- and Two-wheeler 500 for first offence   1500 for repeat offences

Things to Remember

  1. Always keep your insurance updated. If you have a bike, make sure your bike insurance has not lapsed and is valid.
  2. Keep your license and vehicle registration papers with you when using the vehicle.
  3. Drive within the speed limit to avoid the overspeed fine in Kerala.
  4. Do not use your vehicle or lend your vehicle for illegal activities.
  5. Make sure you always get your vehicle routinely serviced.


Keep these fines in mind and remember to follow all the rules and safety regulations when driving your vehicle on the road. Safeguard yourself and your vehicle from on-road mishaps in Kerala with the help of vehicle insurance. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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