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Off Road Bikes In India
Feb 17, 2024

Top Off-Road Bikes in India: Fresh Prices, Battery Range, and Features

Off-road biking is more than just a sport; it's a thrilling adventure that demands powerful machines designed to conquer challenging terrains. In India, the off-road biking scene is gaining momentum, and enthusiasts are seeking bikes that can handle the rugged outdoors. This guide explores some of the top off-road bikes available in India, covering their prices, battery range, and standout features. Before we dive into the off-road bike options available in India, remember that off-road bikes and riders are at least as likely to get into accidents if not more. While it is crucial to ride safely for the wellbeing of yourself, your bike, as well as others, you may also want to get the right bike insurance policy to cover any expenses that may arise from the mishaps.* To put it simply, motor insurance for bikes is what will help you avoid a dent in your savings in case your bike is stolen, damaged, or completely broken.

Off-Road Bikes In India You Can Consider

Here is a look at some of the options that you can consider if you are looking for an off-road bike in India.

1. Kawasaki KX100

  1. Price: The Kawasaki KX100 comes with a price tag that reflects its performance capabilities.
  2. Battery Range: As a combustion engine bike, the KX100 relies on fuel, providing a decent range for off-road adventures.
  3. Features: With a high-revving engine and top-notch suspension, the KX100 is designed for motocross enthusiasts seeking agility and power.

2. Kawasaki KX250

  1. Price: The KX250, with its advanced features, comes at a higher price point than entry-level off-road bikes.
  2. Battery Range: Being a fuel-powered bike, the KX250 offers a substantial range for off-road excursions.
  3. Features: Known for its powerful engine and race-ready suspension, the KX250 is a favourite among off-road riders looking for performance and durability.

3. Kawasaki KX450

  1. Price: The KX450, a flagship model, commands a premium price for its cutting-edge technology and performance.
  2. Battery Range: As a fuel-powered bike, the KX450 provides a significant range suitable for challenging off-road trails.
  3. Features: With an electric start, hydraulic clutch, and adjustable ergonomics, the KX450 is designed for serious off-road riders seeking top-tier features.

4. Kawasaki KLX110

  1. Price: The KLX110 is positioned as an entry-level off-road bike, making it relatively affordable for beginners.
  2. Battery Range: Being a combustion engine bike, the KLX110 offers a practical range for beginners honing their off-road skills.
  3. Features: With a user-friendly automatic clutch and a low seat height, the KLX110 is designed to be approachable for novice riders.

5. Kawasaki KLX140G

  1. Price: The KLX140G, offering a step up from entry-level bikes, comes with a price that aligns with its features.
  2. Battery Range: As a fuel-powered bike, the KLX140G provides a suitable range for riders transitioning to more challenging terrains.
  3. Features: With a mid-size frame, full-sized wheels, and electric start, the KLX140G strikes a balance between accessibility and off-road capability.

6. Kawasaki KLX450R:

  1. Price: Positioned as a high-performance off-road machine, the KLX450R is priced accordingly.
  2. Battery Range: As a combustion engine bike, the KLX450R offers a robust range for riders tackling demanding off-road trails.
  3. Features: Equipped with advanced suspension components, powerful brakes, and a digital display, the KLX450R is tailored for experienced off-road enthusiasts.

Why You Should Always Insure Your Bike

While the focus is often on the exhilarating experiences off-road bikes offer, it's crucial not to overlook the importance of insuring your valuable two-wheeler. Getting the right bike insurance may earn you some peace of mind. Getting appropriate coverage under your policy means that you are prepared to face the multiple adverse possibilities involving your bike. While getting third-party liability insurance is a basic requirement in India, you may like to consider getting comprehensive insurance. This may allow you to expand the scope of the coverage offered by the policy, especially in the initial years of a new bike. You may use a two wheeler insurance calculator to understand the premium amount you may be required to pay for the coverage you seek.* Choosing an off-road bike in India involves considering factors such as performance, features, and price. While embarking on off-road adventures, insurance coverage for your bike serves as a safety net, providing financial protection and allowing you to fully enjoy the excitement of off-road riding with confidence.


Can I use regular bike insurance for my off-road bike? Yes, you can use regular bike insurance for your off-road bike. However, it's essential to check if the coverage includes off-road use and if additional coverage is needed for specific off-road activities. Can I calculate my off-road bike insurance premium using a two-wheeler insurance calculator? Yes, many insurance providers offer online calculators that help you estimate the premium for your off-road bike insurance based on factors like the model, age, and location.   * Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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