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Top Car Tyres
Feb 24, 2024

A Guide To The Top Car Tyres That Are Best for Indian Roads

Choosing the right set of tyres for your car is a critical decision that directly impacts your driving experience and safety in the diverse and often challenging road conditions in India. From bustling city streets to pothole-ridden roads and the occasional off-road adventure, the tyres you choose play a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance. Let’s explore some of the top car tyres best suited for Indian roads, taking into consideration factors like durability, grip, and adaptability, to varying terrains.

Best Tyres For Your Car

While there are various tyres in the market for you to select from, the tyres listed below are aimed to enhance your driving experience and make it smooth:

Michelin Energy XM2+

Michelin is a global leader in tyre manufacturing, and the Energy XM2+ is a testament to their commitment to safety and longevity. Designed for city driving and long highway journeys, these tyres offer excellent fuel efficiency and impressive wet grip, making them suitable for the monsoon season. Since these tyres have an added benefit for monsoon seasons, it would be risky to rely solely on their grip. Wet roads are an accident waiting to happen. Ensuring your vehicle is protected by a car insurance policy is the smart option.

Key Features

  1. Long-lasting tread life
  2. Superior wet grip
  3. Fuel efficiency
  4. Comfortable ride quality

Bridgestone Turanza T005

Bridgestone Turanza T005 is known for its exceptional performance on both wet and dry roads. These tyres are designed to provide a comfortable and quiet ride, making them ideal for urban commuting. The advanced tread compound enhances fuel efficiency and ensures a longer tyre life. For a tyre that has a longer shelf life, you can safeguard it from damage with the help of a tyre protection add-on in your motor insurance policy. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy.*

Key Features

  1. All-season performance
  2. Low rolling resistance for fuel efficiency
  3. Comfortable and quiet ride
  4. High braking performance

Apollo Alnac 4G

It is a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers who do not want to compromise on performance. These tyres offer a good balance of grip and durability. The innovative tread design ensures stability and confident handling, making them suitable for a variety of road conditions. Even budget-friendly tyres should be protected from damage. Secure not just the safety of the tyre, but also of the entire vehicle, with insurance. Use the car insurance calculator to check for policies that match your budget.

Key Features

  1. Value for money
  2. Good grip on wet and dry surfaces
  3. Enhanced durability
  4. Comfortable ride quality

CEAT Secura Drive

It is designed for a smooth and secure driving experience. These tyres excel in providing precise steering control and stable handling, making them suitable for both city and highway driving. The unique tread pattern enhances wet grip, reducing the risk of skidding during monsoons.

Key Features

  1. Excellent steering control
  2. Stable handling at high speeds
  3. Enhanced wet grip
  4. Low road noise

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax 2

It is engineered to deliver top-notch performance in wet conditions, a critical factor, given India's diverse weather patterns. These tyres provide a balance of comfort, fuel efficiency, and safety, making them a reliable choice for various driving scenarios.

Key Features

  1. Superior wet grip
  2. Fuel efficiency
  3. Comfortable ride quality
  4. Enhanced braking performance

JK Tyre UX Royale

It is known for its focus on ride comfort and road noise reduction. These tyres offer a smooth and stable driving experience, making them well-suited for long highway drives. The unique tread pattern enhances grip and contributes to effective water evacuation.

Key Features

  1. Comfort-oriented design
  2. Reduced road noise
  3. High-speed stability
  4. Good wet and dry grip


It is a popular choice among Indian car owners, known for its durability and reliability. These tyres offer a robust build quality, making them suitable for rough road conditions. The tread pattern provides excellent traction, ensuring confident handling on various surfaces.

Key Features

  1. Robust build quality
  2. Durable construction
  3. Good traction on rough roads
  4. Reliable performance

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tyres for Indian Roads

There are certain factors that you should consider when looking to purchase new tyres for your car. Some of these factors include:

Road Conditions

Consider the predominant road conditions you will encounter. If you frequently drive on poorly maintained roads, opt for tyres with robust construction and sidewall protection.

Weather Conditions

India experiences diverse weather conditions. Tyres with good wet grip are essential for the monsoon season, while those designed for all-season performance provide versatility.

Driving Style

Your style influences the type of tyres you need. If you enjoy spirited driving, opt for tyres that offer superior handling and grip. For a more relaxed driving style, comfort-focused tyres may be preferable.


While it's essential to choose high-quality tyres, consider your budget. There are reliable options available in various price ranges, so find the balance between performance and affordability.


Selecting the right set of tyres is a crucial aspect of maintaining your vehicle's performance, safety, and fuel efficiency. The top car tyres mentioned above cater to different needs and preferences, offering a range of features to suit various driving conditions. Before deciding, assess your specific requirements, consider the factors mentioned above, and consult with tyre professionals if needed. If you wish to protect your new tyres under your policy, add the tyre protection add-on when you renew car insurance.*   *Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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