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Central KYC & Bike Insurance: Guide
Mar 31, 2021

What Should You Know Before Buying A Motorcycle?

Purchasing a new bike is always a thrilling experience, especially for boys. Since adolescence, every boy dreams of getting his first bike and riding it all over the city. With time, people usually grow up and let go of their childish dreams. But it is not the case with boys and their biking dreams. Even after they grow up, the excitement level to buy a bike is as high as a little kid.   So when you have finally decided to accomplish your childhood dream of buying a bike, it is necessary to consider the practicality of buying a bike that falls under your budget and fulfils other requirements. Now that you have reached this page, it is definite that you must have asked yourself, what should I know before buying a motorcycle? It is a very important question, and with this blog, we will help you comprehend all the necessary information about what to know before buying a motorcycle. Let us begin.

Considering the Type of Bike to Buy

The fundamental question you need to ask yourself before buying a bike is the kind of riding you want to do with the bike. Different motorcycles are designed to perform a distinct kind of riding. The three basic categories or styles of bikes are:  
  1. Street Bikes
These are the most common and prevalent types of bike in India. They usually offer a confined body design and are well-equipped to give the best fuel efficiency. These are easy to manoeuvre in different traffic situations and are preferred by people who regularly commute by bike.  
  1. Sports Bikes
This segment of the bike has high popularity among the young population. Sports bikes have creative designs and are tuned to achieve greater speeds. These bikes are mostly preferred by college going students and high-speed riders. However, they lack comfort and storage space.  
  1. Cruiser Bikes
Cruiser bikes have an ergonomic design and are extremely comfortable. They are high in power and are perfect to go away for weekend trips around the city. These bikes provide leisure, and if you prefer comfort over style, this is the option you are looking for.  

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle

Buying a new bike can be confusing. Hence, the given pointers will provide you with the answer to what to know before buying a motorcycle?

1.     Know Your Engine Size

Engine power is one of the essential things you must keep in mind while buying a new bike. Engine size is measured in cubic centimetres (cc) and denotes the power of a motorcycle. Note the following:  
  • More power, the more expensive your bike is.
  • For regular commutation, consider a bike having an engine size of 125cc -250cc.

2.     Consider the Height and Weight of Bike

A rookie mistake that most people do while buying a bike is not considering the height and weight of the bike. For good control and safety, it is essential that your feet must touch the ground comfortably. Also, the bike should not be overweight as it may lead to the imbalance of the bike at lower speeds. Therefore, ensure the bike you are purchasing matches your height and muscle power for the smooth-riding of the bike.

3.     Fuel Efficiency of the Bike

Fuel efficiency is another important aspect to be considered while buying a new bike. You don’t want to buy a bike that gives very low fuel efficiency, and you spend most of your money filling the tank of the bike.   Bikes that have high engine power usually consume more fuel to efficiently run the bike’s engine. Unless you don’t use your bike to ride in extreme hilly areas, it is recommended to buy a bike with moderate power that can deliver high fuel efficiency.

4.     Getting Insurance for Your Bike

The cost of the bike isn’t the only money you will have to spend while purchasing a bike. You will also have to buy bike insurance to stay in the traffic laws perimeter. Besides, getting insurance is a great benefit as it protects your bike from any kind of financial damages. Bike insurance can help you cover:  
  • Any damage to the bike.
  • Theft of a bike.
  • Any damages incurred to a third-party vehicle in case of an accident.
  You can get a two wheeler insurance online from Bajaj Insurance at a reasonable price.

5.     Acquisition and Maintenance Costs

Make sure to consider the maintenance costs of the bike apart from its actual acquisition costs. Every vehicle demands some regular maintenance for its smooth operation. Typically, a bike’s average service cost ranges from Rs 1000 - 3000 depending upon the bike you select.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much money does it cost to buy a two wheeler insurance online?
The bike insurance price for a new bike depends upon various factors such as the city where the bike is registered, the cost of the bike, whether buying third-party insurance or comprehensive insurance, etc.  
  1. What documents are required to buy a new bike?
You will need identity proof, address proof, and two passport size photographs to buy a new bike in India.


Now that you have an answer to your question, what should I know before buying a motorcycle? You can start your research on buying a new bike by considering all the above-given factors. Remember, don’t just go by the design of the bike and ensure that the bike is right for your size and is fulfilling all your basic requirements.

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