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Teflon vs ceramic for cars and bikes
Mar 29, 2023

Teflon vs Ceramic: Which Coating Reigns Supreme for Cars and Bikes?

The shine of a car or a bike says a lot of things. As humans, we tend to be attracted towards shiny things. This also applies to a vehicle. The shine of the vehicle is one of the deciding factors people consider before buying it. However, the shine of the vehicle depends on the material used for the coating. There are two types of coating done on vehicles: Teflon and Ceramic. What is the difference between these two types? Which is the best type of coating for your vehicle? Let’s understand more about this.

What is Teflon coating?

Teflon coating is also known as Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene (PTFE). It is a synthetic fluoropolymer. The Teflon coating which is used on cars and bikes is similar to the one used for non-stick cookware. A Teflon coating done on your car will help give it a shiny and glossy look for a long period without the need for another coat immediately.

How is the Teflon coat applied?

These are the steps for applying a Teflon coating on the car:
  1. Before the application, your car is thoroughly washed in order to remove any impurities or dust that may have been deposited on the surface of your car.
  2. After the wash is done, the car is completely wiped and dried.
  3. The chemical is prepared, and the coating is applied as a lubricant.
  4. The coat takes about a half hour to dry completely.
  5. Post application, a buffing machine is used to polish the surface and remove any scratches or extra layers.

Pros and Cons of Teflon coating

The following are the pros of applying Teflon coating to your vehicle:
  1. The shine and gloss from Teflon coating are long-lasting without any impact on it.
  2. Any scratches that are caused on the surface can be easily wiped off with the help of Teflon coating.
  3. Teflon coating is more durable, and hence, it does not require frequent recoating.
The following are the cons of applying Teflon coating to your vehicle:
  1. If your car gets damaged, the coating also gets impacted. While you can file claim with your car insurance company, you might have to reapply the coating once the damage has been repaired. *
  2. Although it is durable, there is a need to reapply after every 4-5 months in a year.
  3. Getting Teflon coating can be quite expensive.
  4. There is a risk of getting either adulterated Teflon coating or a cheap knockoff instead of the actual material.

What is Ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is considered to be a level above Teflon coating. The quality of the material used, and its benefits are what make ceramic coating an upgradation from Teflon coating.

How is ceramic better than Teflon?

The technology used in ceramic coating applies the material on a molecular level and not just on the surface level. This creates a tough layer which ensures minimal deposition of dust. The material used is a polymer, which offers better durability.

How is Ceramic coating applied?

Ceramic coating is applied to your bike in the following steps:
  1. The bike is thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and any other impurities that might have been deposited on the surface of the vehicle.
  2. It is once again washed with soap or another cleansing product.
  3. After it has been cleaned, a layer of the solution is applied to your bike.
  4. The solution is rinsed, and the buffing process is done to remove any remaining solution.
  5. A layer of polish is applied. Usually, this is non-wax material.
  6. The layer is spread evenly using a polishing machine.

Pros and Cons of Ceramic coating

The following are the pros of applying ceramic coating:
  1. Ensures a lower percentage in terms of contamination on the bike’s surface.
  2. Does not impact the original layer of paint on your bike.
  3. Due to the molecular nature of the material, the layer offers more durability.
  4. Ceramic coating makes it easier for the bike to be cleaned.
The following are the cons of applying ceramic coating:
  1. Ceramic coating is expensive compared to Teflon coating.
  2. The time taken to apply the coating on your bike is longer compared to Teflon coating.
  3. Your bike might get damaged if the work is not done by an expert. Depending on the terms of your bike insurance policy, compensation may be offered for such damages. However, it is best to get the coat applied by a trained professional. *

Differences between Teflon and Ceramic coating

The following are the differences between the two types of coating:
Teflon Coating Ceramic Coating
Paint protection type Synthetic wax Clear coat
Origin location United Kingdom United States of America
Main component Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Silicon Carbide (SiC)
The thickness of the coating film 0.02 microns 2 microns
Durability Few months Few years
Type of protection Rusts and scratches Rusting, scratching, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and oxidation.
Expenditure Comparatively low for one session. Comparatively high for one session.
  Based on these factors, if you are looking for an economical option, you may opt for Teflon coating. If you are willing to spend extra, you can go for ceramic coating. Do remember to get overall protection for vehicles with the help of motor insurance. *


These types of coating can help add shine to your vehicle just the way you want. However, it would be better to discuss this with a car/bike professional before you select the type of coating you want. While the coating will protect your vehicle’s surface, the comprehensive motor insurance policy provides overall protection to your vehicle from damages and other mishaps. * Standard T&C Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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