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Feb 12, 2023

These Are The Safety Tips You Must Keep In Mind While Changing Your Bike’s Engine Oil

We are sure that your two-wheeler is one of your most prized possessions. If you are an adventure junkie, you probably engage yourself in some serious off-roading with it or test its mettle during biking trips on challenging terrains. So, to ensure your motorcycle always performs optimally, it is important to keep it in the best condition possible. One thing you must do to maintain your bike’s health is the changing of its oil on a timely basis. If you fail to adhere to a strict schedule for the same, the overall performance of the bike will deteriorate much faster than it is supposed to. Hence, changing the engine oil is as important as having bike insurance for your favourite on-road companion. But there are certain safety tips you must know about ahead of going forward with the changing of oil. Let’s learn more about when to change the engine oil in a bike and other things.

Maintain proper frequency

Experts recommend that a bike owner needs to change the oil of their two-wheeler every six months or every 2000 kilometres. If you fail to do so, as mentioned before, the performance of your bike will suffer. You will notice the sound of the engine getting louder than it is supposed to be, a decrease in mileage, overheating of the engine, and an increase in the friction between its internal component, among other things. Hence, it is critical to replace your bike’s oil on time.

Keep all your gear handy

Replacing your oil could prove to be an intricate process. It requires you to be prepared with all the required gear and the service manual of the bike in hand. The gear you will need is a can of fresh engine oil, a measuring beaker, a funnel, a new oil filter, a drain pan, a dipstick, and some elementary tools to open and close nuts and bolts. Refer to your bike’s service manual, as it will tell you about the exact kind and quantity of oil you will need for your bike.

Mount your bike on its double-stand

Before you begin changing the engine oil of your bike, you must ensure that your two-wheeler is mounted on its double stand. Doing the same is important for two reasons. One, it will be easier for you to drain out the used oil if the bike is mounted on its double stand, and two, the overall bike-oil-changing operation will progress at a smoother pace. If your bike only has a kickstand, consider getting a paddock stand so that you can easily change your bike oil on your own.

Use the quality and the grade of oil recommended by the manufacturer

Just like with any product, bike engine-oils are available at all kinds of price points. The ones that are priced on the lower end of the spectrum are usually adulterated and not as translucent as engine oil should be. Your service technician will encourage you to go with the affordable variant to save money. But you must keep in mind that the cost-effective ones will ultimately cost you in the long run, as it would contribute to the deterioration of the performance of your bike. Therefore, it is recommended that you go for the exact bike oil that is mentioned in your service manual or the ones that are recommended by dealers of repute.

Change your oil filter

Before the engine oil can perform its job, it passes through an apparatus known as an oil filter. The oil filter, as the name suggests, extracts all the particles and contaminants from the oil before it flows through the different components of the engine. Therefore, over time, the oil filter gets clogged. It is due to this reason that you must also change the filter at the time of replacing the engine oil.


It is important to take care of your bike by changing its engine oil periodically to ensure longevity. Similarly, it is also important for you to get a bike insurance policy for it. These days, you can increase the scope of its coverage by padding it with add-on riders such as engine protector insurance. * Standard T&C Apply If you are indeed in the market looking for a bike insurance policy, look at what Bajaj Allianz has to offer. On the website of Bajaj Allianz, you can also compare bike insurance prices with the help of our two wheeler insurance premium calculator and go for the one that fits your needs and your pocket best. Take a look at it right away!   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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