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Bikes With High Resale Value
Jan 6, 2024

List Of Bikes With High Resale Value

Whether you are getting your first bike or replacing the one you own now, buying a new bike can be an exciting time, and simultaneously, an important decision. When you buy one, you will probably intend to care for it as well as you can. You may service it regularly and cover it with the right sort of Motor insurance, so you may be able to use it without worry. However, there may come in time when you choose to let go of your bike in favour of a newer model, bigger vehicle, or even in hopes of financial gains. In India, there is quite a significant market for second-hand bikes. This may work in your favour if you know which bikes are known to offer a good resale value. If you believe that the assets you own should be upgraded periodically, you may like to think carefully about what sort of bike you buy today, so you may be able to get better value for it tomorrow.

Factors That Influence Bike Resale Value

The resale value of a bike in India is influenced by a multitude of factors, playing a crucial role in determining the depreciation rate and overall market demand for a particular model.
  1. Brand and Model Reputation
  2. Condition and Mileage
  3. Age of the Bike
  4. Service History
  5. Market Demand
  6. Upgrades and Modifications
  7. Regional Factors
In addition to this, whether all relevant bike-related documents are in order may also play a role when it comes to selling your bike. Ensure that you have a clean record, have valid two-wheeler insurance, PUC certificates, and any other documents that may be necessary.

High Resale Value Bikes In India

Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350

The Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350 is a timeless classic known for its sturdy build and iconic design. Powered by a 346cc single-cylinder engine, it offers a powerful and smooth riding experience. The bike is acclaimed for its thumping exhaust note and robust performance, making it a favourite among enthusiasts. Its resale value remains high due to the enduring popularity of the Royal Enfield brand and the timeless appeal of the Bullet series.

Honda CB Unicorn 150

The Honda CB Unicorn 150 is renowned for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs. Fitted with a 149.2cc engine, it delivers a balanced blend of power and efficiency. Features like mono-shock suspension and tubeless tires enhance the overall riding comfort. Honda's reputation for producing durable and fuel-efficient bikes contributes to the CB Unicorn 150's strong resale value.

Hero Splendor Plus

The Hero Splendor Plus is a commuter-friendly bike known for its fuel efficiency and straightforward design. Powered by a 97.2cc engine, it is a practical choice for daily commuting. The simplicity of its design, coupled with Hero's widespread service network, contributes to its high resale value, making it a preferred option in the used bike market.

Hero Passion Pro i3S

The Hero Passion Pro i3S combines style with fuel efficiency. With a 110cc engine, it offers a smooth and efficient ride. The i3S technology enhances fuel efficiency by automatically shutting off the engine during brief halts. This feature, coupled with Hero's reputation for reliability, ensures a strong resale value for the Passion Pro i3S.

Royal Enfield Classic 500

The Royal Enfield Classic 500 is a powerful cruiser known for its vintage styling and robust performance. With a 499cc engine, it delivers a commanding riding experience. The bike's classic design, coupled with the Royal Enfield legacy, contributes to its high resale value in the second-hand market.

TVS Star City Plus

The TVS Star City Plus is a popular commuter bike known for its fuel efficiency and stylish design. Powered by a 109.7cc engine, it offers a comfortable and economical ride. Its features include an eco-meter and a service indicator. TVS's commitment to innovation and the bike's practicality contribute to its sustained resale value.

Honda CB Shine 125cc

The Honda CB Shine 125cc is a commuter bike renowned for its refined engine and comfortable riding posture. With a 125cc engine, it strikes a balance between power and efficiency. Features like a digital-analogue meter and Honda's reliable engine technology make it a sought-after choice, ensuring a robust resale value.

Renew Bike Insurance

For each of these bikes, maintaining up-to-date and comprehensive bike insurance is crucial. Owners looking to sell can enhance the resale value by providing evidence of well-maintained insurance coverage. To ensure continuous protection and uphold the resale value, it's advisable to renew bike insurance regularly. This not only safeguards the owner against unforeseen events but also adds a layer of trust and security for potential buyers in the resale market.  

When Reselling Your Bike

When reselling your bike, several key considerations can help you maximise its resale value and ensure a smooth transaction. Maintain Proper Documentation: Ensure you have all necessary documents, including the bike's registration certificate, pollution under control (PUC) certificate, and service records. A complete and organised set of documents adds credibility to your bike. Check Two-Wheeler Insurance: Make sure your two wheeler insurance is up to date. Having a valid insurance policy is not only a legal requirement but also adds to the overall appeal of the bike. Provide the buyer with the necessary insurance transfer details for a smooth transition. Calculate Resale Value: Utilise a two wheeler insurance calculator to estimate the insurance premium for the remaining policy period. This information is valuable for both you and the buyer, ensuring transparency in the transaction.   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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