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List of Best Engine Oils for Bikes in India
Jan 26, 2024

List of Best Engine Oils for Bikes in India

For bike enthusiasts in India, maintaining peak performance and longevity of their machines is a top priority. One key aspect of motorcycle care is choosing the right engine oil. With numerous options available in the market, selecting the best engine oil for your bike can be a daunting task. Let’s explore the factors to consider and unveil some of the best engine oils for bikes in India.

Understanding the Basics Of Engine Oil

Before delving into specific recommendations, it's crucial to understand the basics of motorcycle engine oils. Engine oils play a vital role in lubricating engine components, reducing friction, dissipating heat, and preventing wear and tear. In India, where diverse climatic conditions prevail, choosing the right engine oil becomes even more critical. Damage to the engine can be quite expensive, considering that it is the heart of the bike. With bike insurance, you get financial coverage for such damages, thus reducing the burden on your pocket.

Factors to Consider

Several factors should influence your choice of engine oil for your bike:


It is a measure of an oil's resistance to flow. It is denoted by a numerical grade, with lower numbers representing thinner oils (e.g., 10W-40). The right viscosity depends on your bike's make, model, and the prevailing climate.

Type of Oil

Engine oils are classified into mineral, synthetic, and semi-synthetic categories. Synthetic oils generally offer better performance, especially in extreme conditions, but they can be pricier. Consider your bike's requirements and your budget when choosing the type of oil.

Brand and Certification

Opt for reputable brands that adhere to international standards and certifications. Look for oils that meet or exceed the specifications recommended by your bike's manufacturer.

Bike Specifications

Different bikes have different engine oil requirements. Refer to your bike's manual to understand the recommended viscosity and specifications.

Top Engine Oils for Bikes in India

Now, let's explore some of the best engine oils for bike available in the Indian market:

Motul 7100 4T 20W-50

Viscosity: 20W-50 Type: Synthetic Key Features: Known for its high-temperature resistance and superior engine protection, Motul 7100 4T is suitable for a wide range of bikes, including those with high-performance engines.

Castrol Power1 4T 10W-40

Viscosity: 10W-40 Type: Synthetic Key Features: Castrol Power1 4T offers rapid oil circulation, reducing engine heat and friction. It is designed to provide excellent protection for both urban commuting and highway cruising.

Shell Advance AX7 10W-40

Viscosity: 10W-40 Type: Semi-synthetic Key Features: Shell Advance AX7 is formulated to offer enhanced protection, cleanliness, and fuel economy. Its semi-synthetic composition strikes a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness.

Mobil Super Moto 10W-30

Viscosity: 10W-30 Type: Semi-synthetic Key Features: Mobil Super Moto is designed to provide superior engine cleanliness and protection. It is suitable for bikes with a wide range of engine capacities.

Motul 300V 15W-50

Viscosity: 15W-50 Type: Synthetic Key Features: Motul 300V is a high-performance synthetic oil, ideal for bikes with demanding engine specifications. It offers excellent thermal stability and protection even under extreme conditions.

Choosing the Right Oil for Your Bike

To determine the best engine oil for your bike, consider the following steps:

Understand Your Riding Conditions

If you frequently ride in extreme temperatures or engage in high-performance riding, opt for oils that offer superior heat resistance and performance.

Consider Budget

While high-end synthetic oils offer top-notch performance, they can be pricier. Consider your budget and strike a balance between performance and cost.

Regular Maintenance Tips

In addition to choosing the right two-wheeler engine oil, practicing regular maintenance is crucial for the well-being of your bike:

Regular Oil Changes

Follow the recommended oil change intervals specified in your bike's manual. Regular oil changes ensure optimal engine performance and longevity.

Monitor Oil Levels

Periodically check your bike's oil level and top up if necessary. This simple habit prevents engine damage due to insufficient lubrication.

Filter Replacement

Along with oil changes, replace the oil filter as per the manufacturer's recommendations. A clean oil filter contributes to efficient oil circulation.


Selecting the best engine oil for your bike in India can involve a thoughtful consideration of various factors. The recommendations provided are based on popular choices known for their performance and reliability. Remember to adhere to your bike's specifications and conduct regular maintenance to keep your two-wheeled companion running smoothly on Indian roads. By investing in the right engine oil and maintaining a proactive approach to bike care, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable riding experience across diverse terrains and climates in India. Additionally, invest in a good motor insurance policy to get comprehensive protection from unexpected perils.*   *Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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