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Jabalpur RTO Guide
Mar 20, 2024

A Complete Guide to The Vehicle Registration and Road Rules of Jabalpur

Jabalpur is a city located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. A major industrial hub not just in Madhya Pradesh, but in India as well, Jabalpur is involved in manufacturing things for different sectors. Apart from industries, Jabalpur also attracts lots of tourists who come to visit monuments and explore the food scene in the city. If you have recently moved to Jabalpur, then these are the rules and regulations related to Jabalpur RTO.

Jabalpur RTO: What You Should Know

Jabalpur has seen rapid development in recent years. With an influx of population, those looking for employment and those looking for a life in peace, Jabalpur’s population has risen quite a lot. This has also led to an increase in vehicular traffic. Everything related to the vehicles, be it registration, fines, and traffic management is handled by Jabalpur RTO.
Just like any other city in India, if you have recently shifted to Jabalpur, you need to get yourself acquainted with the rules and regulations of the city. This is not limited to administrative services but to vehicular services as well. Jabalpur RTO is the authority which overlooks everything related to vehicles in the city. These are the contact details for Jabalpur RTO:
RTO Code MP-20
Office Address The Regional Transport Officer, Karmeta, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh - 482002
Office Hours 10 AM to 5 PM
Contact Number 0761-2621328/4045626
Email ID care.mptransport@gmail.com

Jabalpur RTO: Services And Rates

The following are the services that you can avail of at Jabalpur RTO. Along with the services, you can also see the rate of the services being offered at the RTO:

Driver’s License

Jabalpur RTO issues both learner’s and driver’s licenses. For both licenses, the RTO conducts tests based on which the license is issued. If the license is up for renewal, it can be done at Jabalpur RTO. Additionally, it offers other services such as the issuance of international driver’s licence, and duplicate licence as well as any corrections on the licence, if required. Do remember that your license is one of the important documents that you need to carry at all times when using your vehicle, along with other documents such as motor insurance.
Service Fees (INR)
Learner’s Licence 150
Driving Licence test 300
Learner’s Licence test, repeat test 50
Issue of Driving Licence (DL) 200
Add vehicle class to DL 500
Issue of International Driving Permit 1000
DL renewal 200

Vehicle Registration

Jabalpur RTO does registration for all types of vehicles. This includes two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and commercial vehicles as well. Registration of new vehicles as well as re-registration of old vehicles is done here. Re-registration of vehicles migrating from another city/state is done at Jabalpur RTO. Changes in the registration certificate (RC) or issuance of a duplicate RC is done by this RTO.
Vehicle Type Registration Fees (INR)
Invalid carriage 50
Motorcycle 300
Light motor vehicle 600
Imported motorcycle 5000
Heavy goods vehicle/passenger 1500
Medium goods and passenger vehicle 1000
E-rickshaw/E-cart 1000
Light commercial vehicle 1000
Imported motor vehicle 5000
Any other vehicle not mentioned above 3000
For vehicle registration, you need to visit the Jabalpur RTO, request for a vehicle registration form, provide the required details, submit the form with the necessary documents and then pay the required fees. If the vehicle you wish to re-register your vehicle in Jabalpur from another city/state, make sure you have the NOC from the previous RTO. Submit the NOC along with other documents to get your vehicle registered in Jabalpur.

Vehicle Permit

Vehicles that are used for commercial purposes need a special permit. If the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes in Jabalpur and neighbouring areas, then a local permit is needed. If the vehicle operates anywhere in India, a national permit is required. Both permits can be availed at Jabalpur RTO. Renewal of these permits can also be done here.
Type of Vehicle Fees (INR) Period
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) (Local Permit) 2000 5 years
Heavy Goods Vehicle (Local Permit) 2500 5 years
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) (Local Permit) 500 (authorisation) 1 year
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) (National Permit) 2015 5 years
Heavy Goods Vehicle (National Permit) 2515 5 years
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) (National Permit) 500 (authorisation) 1 year

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

A fitness certificate (FC) is mandatory for all vehicles that operate on the roads of India. The FC indicates that a vehicle is fit for use on the roads and is functioning in proper condition. An FC is valid for 15 years, following which it needs to be renewed. This renewal is done at Jabalpur RTO. To renew your FC, you need to visit the RTO, where the vehicle will be inspected by the authorities. For example, if you wish to renew the FC of your two-wheeler, you need to take it to the Jabalpur RTO, take the fitness certificate renewal form, provide details, and submit the required documents.
Documents required include a driving licence, registration certificate, and two wheeler insurance  among others. You need to pay the fees for the renewal of FC. Once the vehicle is inspected and found to be in good condition, the FC is renewed. If the vehicle is found to be in poor condition, additional repairs are suggested.
Vehicle Type Transmission Fees (INR)
Motorcycle Manual 200
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycle Manual 400
Motorcycle Automated 400
Medium or Heavy motor vehicle Manual 600
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycle Automated 600
Medium or Heavy motor vehicle Automated 1000
Grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness for motor vehicle NA 200


These are the services that you can avail at Jabalpur RTO. When registering your vehicle in Jabalpur, you can pay the required road tax at Jabalpur RTO. It is important to follow the guidelines such as lane safety, helmet usage, and other rules laid down by Jabalpur RTO. Having valid insurance for your vehicle is also necessary. If you own a two-wheeler and wish to purchase an insurance policy for it, use the two wheeler insurance calculator to get reasonable quotes for the policy.
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