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Apr 1, 2021

How To Claim Insurance For Bike Accident In India?

India is a populous country which makes driving a bit difficult for everybody. Not because people are not cautious but because there are too many vehicles. As per 2019 stats, the total number of road accidents in India were 4,37,396 in which 1,54,732 people died.   These figures are both scary as well as a sign that we need to have some sort of backup if any damage happens whether it is to our vehicle or our body. Hence, whenever you buy a bike, it is best to buy bike insurance as well. It is not only beneficial but is also mandatory as per the Motor Vehicle Act to have at least a two wheeler insurance 3rd party policy.   If you want to know how bike insurance works and how to claim insurance for bike accident, read ahead!  

How to claim insurance for bike accident in India?

If unfortunately, you have met with an accident on the road, you should not panic. Keep in mind that your policy is there to back you up financially. The only thing that you have to do is file you claim in the right steps.   Before we move to how to claim insurance for bike accident, let us discuss the types of bike insurance claims in detail.  

Types of bike insurance claims

Basically, bike insurance claims are of two types:  
  • Cashless Claim: Anil got his bike crashed in the accident. He wants to get his bike repaired but does not know about any professional repair shop. So, he contacts his insurance provider who has tie-ups with various bike repair shops. Anil gets his bike repaired by just paying a small compulsory deductible amount; the rest was paid by the provider directly to the repair shop.
  This scenario where the insured does not have to pay the whole amount up front to the repair shop is known as a cashless claim.  
  • Reimbursement Claim: Anil’s friend Kapil knew a repair shop, so he suggested Anil get his bike repaired at that shop. Anil took his bike and got his damaged bike repaired, and he took the bills from the shop by paying from his pocket. Post that, he files a claim with all the necessary documents and the bills he collected from the shop. The insurance company reimbursed the money to Anil.
  This method of claiming the reimbursement after paying for it from your own pocket is known as reimbursement claim. In this, the insurer will not pay you more than the coverage limit.  

The process of how to claim insurance for bike accident

  1. Third-Party Claim
  • If you met with an accident and hit the other vehicle, inform the police and the insurer about that.
  • If you are the damaged party, get the details of the other party and process a third party claim.
  • After the claim is registered, it will be forwarded to the Motor Insurance Claim Tribunal court.
  • Based on further inspection, the tribunal court will decide an amount that needs to be paid.
  1. Comprehensive Insurance
  • If the bike is damaged in an accident or in a natural disaster, tell the insurer about that first.
  • If it is accidental damage, file an FIR too.
  • Once the insurer is informed, a surveyor will be sent to inspect the damages.
  • Post this; the insurer will initiate the repair work of the bike. If you want to opt for an independent repair work of your choice, you need to pay the charges from your pocket that will be reimbursed afterwards. In case you choose the repair shop chosen by the insurer, you don’t have to pay any charges from your end.

What are the essential documents for getting an insurance claim?

Here are the necessary documents for accidental claims on bike insurance:  
  • Claim form
  • Registration
  • Tax payment receipt
  • Driving license
  • Copy of the FIR
  • Insurance documents
  • Repair bills
  Note: It may take around 3-4 months to get the IDV amount, so be patient. You will get what was promised!


  1. When can a claim get rejected?
An insurance claim can be rejected under multiple scenarios like:  
  • If the insurer finds out that the provided information is incorrect.
  • If an accident happens while the rider is under the influence of drugs.
  • If you don’t have a driver’s license.
  • If you fail to report the incident in the required time.
  • If the repair cost is more than the depreciated cost of the bike.
  1. Do I need medical receipts in case of an injury?
Yes, if in an accident, you get injured, you will need the medical slips to get the claim.

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