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Steps to Check Car Insurance Due Date
Sep 16, 2021

Guide to Check Your Car Insurance Policy’s Due Date

An insurance contract is an agreement between you, the policyholder, and the insurance company to provide coverage against the specified perils. These contracts have a legal standing and are valid for a specified duration. On expiry of such duration, you need to renew them to enjoy the coverage for future periods. Car insurance is no longer just any other legal mandate but also a necessity. Like any other contract of insurance, car insurance policies are also valid only for a specified duration. At the end of each policy period, you need to renew them for dual benefits - firstly compliance with the law and secondly to ensure protection for your car from accidents, damages and other perils. Depending on your coverage requirement, the regulator, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) offer two types of policies - third-party policy and a comprehensive plan. You can opt for either of them however, a third-party cover is the least you need to purchase. Not having a vehicle insurance policy can attract hefty penalties and even imprisonment. Thus, it is imperative to ensure timely renewal. To make sure you are on top of it, you need to make a note of your car insurance policy’s due date. This article elaborates on the different places where you can check for this expiry date to avoid a lapse in your coverage –

Policy document

The insurance policy is a document issued by the insurer on extending coverage for your car. Whether you buy car insurance online or offline, the insurance company issues this document which contains entire details about your policy. The due date for your insurance contract can be found on this document. Irrespective of the type of policy, i.e. comprehensive plan, or a third-party cover, it is mentioned on all policy documents.

Check with your insurance agent

If you have purchased your policy through an insurance agent, you can get in touch with them and check up on your policy’s expiry date. The reason for this is insurance agents generally keep a copy of the policy documents so that they can help you in addressing queries and settlement of claims.

Contact the insurance company

If you have purchased your policy directly from the insurer, details about your policy’s expiry date can be enquired by a phone call. The customer support team on enquiring about a few personal details will identify your policy and provide you information on its expiry date. Here, you can also enquire about the renewal process and different payment methods that are available. Alternatively, you can choose to the visit the insurance company’s office too. For someone who isn’t tech savvy or comfortable in getting information over the call, visiting your insurance company’s office will be a better option. Just like telephonic information, you shall be required to share a few specifics about your policy after which any information regarding car insurance renewal, including its expiry date, shall be provided.

Mobile application

If your insurance company has a dedicated application, you can store all your policies in one such app and then look it up to find the expiry date of its coverage. Insurance companies often send notifications that help you remember that your renewal date is approaching soon.

Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)

Insurance Information Bureau or IIB is an organisation that houses data about all insurance policies issued. Visiting their website can help you get necessary information regarding your car insurance policy. These are some of the different places where the expiry date can be found. Missing timely renewal can not only break the policy coverage, but also lapse any accrued policy benefits which are available at renewal. So, make use of reminders and ensure you renew the policy well in advance. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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