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Geographical Extension in Motor Insurance
Nov 27, 2023

Geographical Extension in Motor Insurance: Countries Covered by IMT 1

Motor insurance is a crucial aspect of owning and driving a vehicle in India. It provides financial protection against various risks, including accidents, theft, and third party liabilities. One essential consideration when it comes to the policy is the geographical area covered by your policy. Let’s explore the concept of geographical extension in Indian vehicle insurance policies, specifically, focusing on Geographical Area Extension (IMT 1) and understand the regions it covers. 

Understanding Geographical Extension in Insurance

Geographical extension, in the context of insurance, refers to the geographical area or regions where your insurance policy provides coverage. In motor insurance, the standard coverage typically applies to India's geographical territory. However, Indian Motor Tariff (IMT) endorsements, such as IMT 1, allow policyholders to extend coverage to specific international regions.#

Geographical Area Extension (IMT 1)

IMT 1 is an endorsement that extends the geographical coverage of your Indian motor insurance policy beyond the country's borders. It enables you to drive your insured vehicle in specific international regions while still enjoying the protection provided by your motor insurance policy. The purpose could either be the relocation due to work commitments or due to leisure, but this endorsement allows you to take your vehicle beyond the Indian borders. IMT 1 is particularly valuable for those who frequently travel to neighbouring countries or other international destinations by road.#

Regions Covered by IMT 1 Geographical Extension

The geographical areas covered by IMT 1 may vary among insurance companies. However, typically, IMT 1 provides coverage in the following international regions:

Nepal and Bhutan

IMT 1 almost always includes coverage for travel to Nepal and Bhutan. These neighbouring countries are popular destinations for Indian travellers, and having coverage for them is essential. However, be aware of the road conditions in these countries due to their hilly terrain.


Some policies may extend coverage to Bangladesh, allowing policyholders to travel there without the need for additional insurance.

Sri Lanka

In some cases, IMT 1 may also include Sri Lanka, providing coverage for road trips to this island nation. Do check the modes of transport by which you can take your vehicle to Sri Lanka, to avoid any last-minute hassles.


While coverage for Pakistan is less common due to political considerations and security concerns, some insurance companies may offer it as an option. It is important to check government advisories before you travel to Pakistan with your vehicle. If there are other countries under the geographical extension in your insurance, it's crucial to review your policy documents to understand the precise coverage provided. It is essential to understand the driving laws and the rules and regulations of the country you are planning to visit.

Importance of Personal Accident Cover in Motor Insurance

In addition to geographical extension, it's essential to consider the inclusion of personal accident cover in your motor insurance policy. The cover provides financial protection to the insured and their family members in the event of an accident resulting in injury, disability, or anything unfortunate. Here are some key reasons why the cover is important:

Financial Security

Accidents can lead to medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and loss of income. Personal accident cover helps you and your family cope with the financial impact of such incidents.*

Coverage for Disability

If an accident results in partial or total disability, the cover provides a lump sum benefit to support ongoing medical care and lifestyle adjustments.*

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you and your loved ones have financial protection in case of an accident can offer peace of mind, especially when traveling in unfamiliar regions.*

Medical Expenses

Personal accident cover may include coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization, and related costs, reducing the financial burden on the insured.* Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy.


Geographical extension in insurance policies, such as IMT 1, is a valuable feature that allows you to drive your insured vehicle in specific international regions while retaining the protection of your insurance policy. It is particularly beneficial for travellers who frequently venture into neighbouring countries. When purchasing motor insurance, it's crucial to carefully review your policy documents to understand the exact geographical coverage provided by endorsements like IMT 1. Properly check the regions, the laws, etc. before you embark on your journey. Always remain updated in terms of travel advisories and guidelines issued by the Indian Foreign Ministry to avoid getting entangled in any legal complications.   *Standard T&C Apply # Visit the official website of IRDAI for further details Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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